Pull Up or Roller Banners? You decide

Pull Up or Roller Banners? Or what about roll up banners? This age old question is one that stumps every printer on the planet when trying to name their products on their website description. If we as an industry don’t know how to name our products, then how can our customers confidently know that what they are ordering is the correct product. Today’s post is about understanding in a lot more detail what actually makes a roller banner a roller banner and why you need to be cautious about buying cheap roller banners online without proper research.

Before we get into the technical specifications of a roller banner we should list out as many of the “alternatives” that are on the marketing place. Doing a quick search for roller banners on Google, we are presented with all the following common alternative names for roller banners:

  • Penguin Stand
  • Roller Banner
  • Roll Up Banner
  • Roll-Up Banner
  • Pull Up Banner
  • Pop Up Banner
  • Banner Stands
  • Budget Banner Stand
  • Premium Roller Banner
  • Pop Up Display Stands
  • Exhibition Banners

What differences to look out for on roller banners?

As a company we can print literally any of the banner stands named above. This is simply because each and every one of the names, represents exactly the same thing. The basic components of a roller banner are:

  • Printed Graphic
  • Aluminium mechanism

On the surface a roller banner is a pretty simple product to design, print and sell. However like a recipe, it’s the quality of the ingredients and the skills of the chef that differentiate a poor finished product with that of a Michelin starred dish.

No matter what type of roller banner your decide to buy, it’s prudent to understand what quality of print and mechanism you are buying. There are an array of cheap roller banner mechanisms available at a fraction of the price of the premium ones we use. We could buy them, but in reality it would be a lesser quality finished product and most likely would cause us and our customers issues.

Roller Banner Design

We used the recipe analogy above to loosely explain that the components of a roller banner combined make the difference between a high quality and low quality finished. Equally important is the design on the roller banner. Designing a roller banner is an educated process and by using a professional designer, they will create a professional roller banner design, rather than putting a “few words and images on a page”. A graphic designer will address your project with a professional slant, understanding the needs and desires of the business through the use of a roller banner in all understood settings. By engaging a reputable graphic designer, you will create a partnership with a team who’s goal is to support your business through considered graphic design and can solve technical problems through creative thinking.

At kaizenprint.co.uk we decided that our official product name is to be: roller banners. We appreciate that every business has their reasons for the naming of this product in their own way, but for us the most commonly used name by our customers is roller banners and we’re happy with that.

To order your roller banner from kaizenprint.co.uk please visit our Roller Banner page and place an order through the website. After your order is received we ask you to upload your artwork for print. If you do not have artwork ready, our team of designers would be delighted to look at this project on your behalf. Simply email our design studio with a brief of the project at hand and we’ll come back to you right away.