Tips on designing amazing flyers

Flyer Printing

Even is this age of digital marketing, flyers continue to hold their own as one of the most widely used and highly effective marketing tools. Their ability to be almost anything to any business, alongside their cost effectiveness ensures they can be distributed far and wide without exuberant costs. The adaptability of flyer printing sizes means that as a marketer or sales manager we can target their use very specifically which should in turn increase our conversion and adoption rates.

To ensure successful marketing and sales campaigns, we recommend following a few guidelines when it comes to the design of your flyer.

Concentrate on a core message

Content on your flyers is critical to their success and while it’s tempting to put all the information about your company on every flyer, it’s far better to concentrate the focus of each flyer to a specific message. In doing so, we can target specific markets with direct messages as opposed to catch all marketing. When focusing your message on direct areas we should see a greater return on investment. 

Use high quality images

One of the key components to great graphic design is high quality imagery. By using only high resolution images, your flyers will look extremely sharp. Have you ever seen a leaflet with blocky imagery? This is an example of using low resolution images. It makes your print look very unprofessional and removes the trust in your business, we are trying to generate through our design process. We recommend you use a stock photography site such as Shutterstock or adobe stock images. Taking images from “the internet” or Facebook is not recommended.

Size matters

The most popular sizes of flyer printing are A5 & A6. These are most popular due to their ability to to contain a wealth of information without being cumbersome to hold and distribute. For the recipient, an A6 fits easily in a pocket or bag. We offer a full range of A-size flyers and also custom defined sizes that are a little bit more bespoke.

What next? Call to Action / Link to Sale

In our opinion the most important part of a flyer is the call to action. Yes design must look fantastic, but engaging the customer to take action is paramount. Before we start the flyer design, understand what the desired outcome is. This must become the premises of the design. Key outcomes could include:

  • Direct customers to call or email your business
  • Purchase products online
  • Leave a review of your service

At we offer a range of different sizes of printed flyers. From A7 and A6, to A5 & A4 we have the perfect flyer for almost every requirement. Couple this with a suite of paper types, weights and finishing options, we are confident in creating a stunning flyer for your project.

We run a suite of Xerox digital printing presses including a brand new state of the art Xerox Versant 3100. The introduction of this 3rd digital printer marks a huge development for our business. The increase in capacity plus a strategic focus on building processes to support growth is our aim for 2019 and beyond. 

To order your flyers or to check out our range of options available, we invite you to visit our website at All our prices are available online, 24/7. You can place your order, upload artwork and follow the status of your order online from any device.