Where Does Print Marketing Fit in Today’s Digital World

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Print marketing is often thought of as being old hat when it comes to marketing. Many marketers at all levels still often misguidedly dismiss or forget about print believing it to be redundant in today’s digital age. 

When putting together campaigns many marketers will think, how can we make this as innovative and forward-thinking as possible and forget that print might be a part of this equation. What these marketers are missing, however, is the customer. In business, it can become easy to get distracted with trying to “keep up” with all of the latest and most exciting developments in digital. What is best for the customer can often fall by the wayside as we constantly try to push things forward. 

Putting the customer first

Customers don’t tend to care very much about how you put something in front of them. So long as you don’t spam them or become a nuisance in their day, if you have something worth selling then they tend to be quite receptive. If you can provide value to your customers, in which format you display that value really doesn’t matter all that much.

Now, this is not to say that innovative digital marketing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but more that customers appreciate and are receptive to variety. In other words, they won’t pick up a piece of print advertising and dismiss it because it’s not innovative enough. If they like what you have to offer, and you present it nicely, they will buy into your message.  

Print can help you cut through the noise

Having a physical piece of advertising that you can pick up and put down and take a little more time over, can, in many ways, cut through in a way digital cannot. 

With so many competing voices online battling for space on your smartphone, to stand out amongst all the noise can be more of a challenge than ever. By opting for print you can reduce the risk of banner-blindness, the endless scroll or skim-reading. 

Print media can get your audience to take a step back and actually read what you have to say. 

Print can be cool too

The world has become so saturated by digital that print marketing now seems like a refreshing change. What was once old-hat is now cool again. While many might think that print media is an old-fashioned form of advertising, they are missing a trick. 

While digital has been advancing at an ever-increasing speed, print has had to up its game too. Contrary to what many believe, print can be a highly targeted and measurable marketing option. Taking advantage of technology, print can be personalised through the interrogation of databases, and it can also interact with digital apps. 

Print needn’t be thought of as an either-or in your marketing campaign strategy, rather you should think of the exciting possibilities that integrating your media avenues can bring. 

If you are hosting an event and have a hashtag that you want to get trending then why not increase awareness with posters in the local area? Got a competition your running? You could encourage entry by getting your audience to scan a code using Facebook messenger. The options are endless!

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