Fabulous Fabric Posters – Perfect for Travel

Fabulous Fabric Posters

Posters are a fantastic means of advertising your products, services, or an event that you are holding. But wouldn’t it be great if you could use your posters more than once? Or if you could put your poster in a bag and not have to worry about it ripping, crumpling are becoming worn while being stored. Say hello to our Fabric posters!

With our amazing fabric posters that’s exactly what you can do! Due to the fabric material, you can easily store your posters and they will retain their original shape and quality. This is great news for several reasons, but in particular, if you intend to travel with your posters, or use them more than once. 

So who can benefit from fabric posters?

  • Anyone who regularly attends events
  • Teachers and academics
  • Shops, Restaurants & Bars
  • Anyone looking for a poster that will last

Fabric posters are great for events

As anyone who regularly attends events will know, replacing event materials and stands can be an expensive business. Having durable promotional and presentation materials is a must when it comes to ensuring that your message is presentable. It is very easy for printed advertising materials like posters to get ripped and torn, either in the process of putting up and pulling down exhibition stands or in the process of travelling to and from events. Fabric posters can offer a solution to this problem in that they are durable and flexible and will not suffer the same kind of damage. 

Fabric posters are ideal for teachers and academics

If you require a means of presenting particular information in a visual way regularly, then it can help to have a poster to display all of the relevant information for you. In fact, at Kaizen Print we regularly take orders from Queen’s University Belfast for exactly this reason. In particular, the members of the Medical Biology Centre often require scientific poster printing. The fact that these posters are made out of fabric means that they can take these posters to conferences across Ireland and the Uk as well as the rest of the world and the printed posters will retain the same high-quality print and finish as when they were first printed.

Shops, Restaurants & Bars

Fabric posters can be a great alternative to paper posters or framed artwork in public-facing establishments like shops, restaurants and bars. Creating a good impression with customers will make them want to stay for longer within your business. And, while paper posters are a great way to advertise what you have to offer and add a bit of visual appeal to your space, by taking advantage of fabric posters you can rest assured that your posters will last for a long time and retain their high-quality finish too. 

Anyone looking for a poster that will last

There are numerous uses for fabric posters, and they are great for all kinds of reasons. Whether you need something sturdy to take with you to events, or you need a fabric poster for educational purposes at conferences, you want to spruce up your store, or you’d like to decorate your own house with something stylish and a little different, fabric posters are a fantastic option for all kinds of reasons. 

To find out more about your options when it comes to buying and designing your fabric posters you can visit our fabric posters page. At Kaizen Print we can help you with all aspects of your fabric poster purchase, from help and advice on the design your fabric posters, to ensuring a high quality and professional finish when it comes to the printing. To find out more you can get in touch via our contact page, or by calling 028 9002 2474.