Perfect presentation folders

As business owners we strive for continuous improvement across all areas of our business. One of the most important areas and also one of those most frequently overlooked is the sales process. Many businesses are to reliant on the skills of their team to close sales. They fail to give them the proper tools required to close sales more efficiently. Namely a presentation folder.

Even we as an innovative company sometimes forget the basics in favour of speed on an individual sale. A more considered approach that takes a little bit longer initially, should bear benefits over and over, providing much greater efficiencies in the long term. Think about this in the context of your own business. Which best practice processes do you skip over or ignore?

For us, the presentation of quotes, samples and important documents was one such opportunity for improvement in our own processes. As a matter of practice, we would send almost every document as a pdf via email. This method does still serve us extremely well, however it’s not always the right way to present particular documents.

Recently we have introduced a new Kaizen Print presentation folder that now affords us the opportunity to present all our printed documentation for internal and external use in a very professional manner. For us, this folder will serve as a sales presenter, a HR manual cover as well as a holder for tenders being sent. We have purposely kept our presentation folder design as generic as possible so that we can utilise it in as many opportunities as possible.

Below we outline some of the key benefits you may or may not have considered when deciding to

Benefits of presentation folders for your business

What are the key benefits for businesses when choosing to design and print presentation folders for their business? As a company it’s imperative that all functions work together as seamlessly as possible. Sometimes this can be as simple as keeping printed items on brand and at other times it’s the implementation of processes and practices across the entire corporate structure. Today we’ll focus on the former.

Keeping documents safe

As we mentioned above, we recently implemented our own Kaizen Print presentation folder as an opportunity to add consistency across all our printed communications. This document folder which is now being used across the company ensures the documents, whether HR Docs, quotations or company reports are always kept safe and sound.

We chose to laminate our folders as this adds longevity to the print and in our opinion is a much nicer finish overall. As a general rule of thumb we suggest lamination on all folders to be used for periods of 3 months and greater. It’s not that the unlaminated versions are a bad quality, but if your folder, that reflects on your business, is to sit on a shelf or in a drawer for a period of time, wouldn’t you want it to come back out in as good a condition as possible.


Keeping your information away from prying eyes is a huge benefit to using a presentation folder for your documents. Even if you supply a quote to a customer and it’s left on their desk, the next sales rep in may be in a position to take a peek. Or someone is sitting at your desk and confidential HR information is on show. We don’t like to think people are nosey, but even when it’s not intentional, they are.

Brand Identity

If you’re on our site for the first time, branding and identity are in our opinion some the most influential factors in helping customers buy from you. Having a perfectly branded document folder when supplying documents automatically puts your information in a better light than those supplied on just a standard plain page. Have pride over your work and confidence in your quotes by using a custom presentation folder. Not only that, but a presentation folder gets your brand in front of potential customers when you can’t. Even if you are speaking to the client directly at time of presentation, this folder can become the reminder of your presence and the business you represent, just by it’s presence on a desk.

In summary, the benefits of presentation folders are

  1. Keep documents safe
  2. Privacy
  3. Branding

If you haven’t considered a presentation folder for your business or you just want to refresh your existing design, we can help. Get in touch with team today on 028 9002 2474. Or drop us a message via the contact form.