We’re Flyer Printing Experts

Flyers are the number one offline marketing tool in our arsenal. What makes them amazing is that when put through a door on a leaflet drop, sent as a postcard, or indeed left in a coffee shop, your target audience is unable to avoid the message it contains. This does of course come with a few caveats and with that in mind, we’ve brought you these tips to help ensure your flyer printing becomes a huge success. 

Build a great database 

We spend an awful lot of time ensuring our database is correct and up to date. There is nothing worse than a wrongly addressed letter arriving at a decision makers desk, nor is there any use in sending to un-verified addresses of prospects. This could potentially be money wasted, so spend the time on your database to save you money! 

Link to Sale / Contact 

If you listen to me in the Kaizen office long enough, you’ll no doubt hear a few sayings over and over. This is one of them “What is the link to sale?” This is one of the most critical elements of planning your flyer design. What do you want your clients to do next. Pick up the phone? Visit your website or business premises? We must remember to instruct the customer who to do so. 

Less is More 

Keep your flyer succinct and personalise it to your target audience. This isn’t to be a full sales brochure, so pick the key points and stick to them. We recommend the following approach to flyer printing Side 1: Feature Side Even at a glance, your customer should be able to understand your message Side 2: Further Information Keep it long enough to cover the important bits but short enough to grab attention. This plus your link to sale will ensure the greatest return from your flyers. And no your logo doesn’t need to be made bigger

To order flyer printing from us, simply select your chosen specification online, upload your artwork and we’ll take care of the rest