We’re going to need a bigger boat

Laminated Restaurant Menu Printing

In the past 2 years we’ve engaged in two extensions to our Belfast headquarters that have helped us continue to expand our printing business. This week though we hit capacity of equipment once agin with the delivery of our new production laminator, the matrix 370. Not only is this laminator faster and more efficient, but it’s twice the size of our previous laminating machines. Now we’re not complaining, but it definitely means we have to once again rethink the positions of all our major machinery.

At Kaizen we can print and laminate right up to 1.2 metres wide. Depending on the use and type of project at hand we have many different options of laminate. We do offer 3 grades of lamination for the majority of small format products we sell here at kaizenprint.co.uk. 40 micron, 70 micron and a ultra heavy matt 250 micron lamination. All of which have their uses in a variety of instances and we’ll always be able to advise you on the best options for your project.

Ultimately we needed to purchase the matrix 370 to keep our production department as efficient as possible. Printing hundreds of menus a week for restaurants all around Belfast we we spending hours, maybe days every month manning a laminator, whereas the new matrix is almost hands-off from that perspective allowing our team to continue working on other print processes.

If you are a restauranteur or a restaurant manager you may query the need for laminating restaurant menus, but as you can see from below, there are some great benefits to this.

Benefits of Laminating Restaurant Menus

  1. Lamination projects your menu from accidental spills, drops, tears and condiments. While not totally child proof they offer a substantially upgraded added protection.
  2. which in turn increases the durability of the menu and it’s longevity within the restaurant, saving you ten fortunes over the course of your business life.
  3. Lamination can enhance the quality of your restaurant menu printing in a number of ways. Gloss lamination for example makes colours more vibrant, while matt lamination has an extremely high quality finish, giving a luxurious feel to it.

Restaurant menu printing and lamination shouldn’t cost the earth and over time a high quality finish with a quality laminate should further reduce the costs of your menu printing. 

We’re always on hand to advise on all aspect of your business marketing, not just printing your menus. Our team here in Belfast, Northern Ireland are extremely knowledgeable, capable and have unrivalled experience within the hospitality sectors, putting us in the perfect position to guide and advise you. We’d love to chat about all your design, digital and print requirements, so to set an appointment with our team, please do call us on 028 9002 2474.

About Kaizen Print, Belfast

kaizenprint.co.uk and kaizenbrandevolution.com are sister companies serving the same purpose of providing extremely high quality design and print to businesses all across the Island of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Working with start-ups, SME’s and international businesses alike the experience gained from working with a diverse body of clients helps us to better serve each and everyone of our customer base.