Information to include on your calendars

From Desktop Calendars to Year Round Wall Planners, all of the calendars that you can get at, there is space to include your own information on them. Obviously the smaller the calendar, the less information that you are able to put on, however this certainly doesn’t make it any less important. Within this article, we are going to suggest the best information that you can put on whatever calendar you choose. Wall Planners Wall Planners are great for their size, and the amount of space that already comes on them. However, they can also be printed double sided, meaning there is ample space for you to include important information for either your employees or your customers on the back. But what might I put there, you might be asking? Well one place to start might be a product list, depending on what you sell of course. It doesn’t have to include everything either. You will know what it is your customer buy the most and what is your most popular products. So why not make them the most important on there, with included pictures or spec, and the rest of your products can be listed beside them. This is a fantastic way to make sure that you’re employees and customers always have what they are looking for from you on hand. Aside from this however, another great bit of info that we highly recommend you can include on there is information about your company instead, such as phone numbers, extensions and also days that you might be closed. This will be great for your customers to have, as it makes communication between you and them a lot easier, and saves a lot of possible mix-ups from occurring. Desktop Calendars With desktop calendars, the are a lot less in your face than the Wall Planners, however that definitely doesn’t make them any less important. They are unobtrusive, but there when your customer needs them. Their size allows you to get your marketing message across, without shoving it in your customers face and the possibility of deterring them. With this in mind, a good idea for information to include on these calendars might be offers. If you know well in advance what offers you are going to send out throughout the year, create your graphics and include these on your desktop calendars. That way, when customers are using them, it will be one of the first things that they see. And who knows, maybe that’ll be just what they are looking for that month? Aside from this, you can continue on with the information that was included on your Wall Planner. It is best if you stick with the phones numbers and all here, as firstly you won’t have as much real estate to work with on the Desktop Calendar. Secondly though, they are going to be doing exactly what they are built for and sitting on customers desks. To have this information on hand will be great for them, allowing them to contact one of you or your team quickly when they need to. We hope that by reading this article, you have a clearer idea of how to manage your information in terms of your calendars, and what can be included where. Speaking of calendars, here at we have a great selection that you can avail of for the coming year. If you are in need of some calendar printing, why not give us a ring on 028 9002 2474 or send us an email via our contact form? We would be more than happy to help.