7 Incredibly Important Tips on Promoting Your Event Professionally

If you’re a business owner looking for tips on how to promote your event, Kaizen Print is here to help. When utilising your marketing spend, it is essential to know what works and what doesn’t, so as to avoid costly expenses and ensuring your get the best value for your money.

Marketing events are a great opportunity to start with, but the associated costs can be quite expensive in comparison to the projected return. To help you along the way, here are 7 important tips on promoting your event to maximise it’s potential.

1. Have incredibly well-designed posters

This one is vital. If you don’t take your marketing material seriously, then how do you expect your customers to do so. Having incredibly well-designed posters is a key to jumpstart your event. Promoting with a beautiful poster captures your target market’s attention and leaves a lasting impression. A top tip is to ensure you get your posters printed well in adavance of the event, giving you ample time to distribute these and for potential visitors to view and take action based upon them.

We can print posters in short runs, or in larger quantities and our 24 hour turnaround on poster printing in Belfast is a huge hit with many of our clients. Our state of the art digital printers, can turn your order round in lightning fast speed.

2. Speak in volumes

The larger your sign, the better. If you can afford to create large advertisements, go big or go home. Capture as much of your potential audiences attention with our large format printing  including: PVC bannersroll-up banners and forecourt overbags. Each of these printed products can provide you the exposure you need indoors and outdoors, without breaking the bank.

3. Campaign early

To create a successful marketing event, you need to implement your campaign early. The ideal timeframe is would be 3-6 months prior to the event, but this all depends on the size of the event and the resources you have at hand. Don’t rush your marketing, but don’t leave it too late either as this causes considerable stress, especially when other activities need your tending as the event approaches.

Our small format printed products such as flyersbusiness cardsinvitations and coupons are perfect to create a huge buzz before your major launch. Think of all the stakeholders in your event and not just the visitors. The press, exhibitors and speakers all present a huge opportunity for your business

4. Use social media to its fullest

If you want to create more buzz for your event, aside from the printed products, you may also want to use social media to create significant awareness of your event. We highly recommend the use of boosted posts and our team of designers have crafted these for many brands all across Belfast. The use of Facebook ads, Twitter campaigns, Google Adwords, Instagram and other channels are all sensible opportunities to create a huge awareness of the event.

5. Your newsletter is your best friend

Businesses tend to overlook the power of newsletters. But even is your lists is small and you only  have say, 50 to 100 subscribers, if they are the right type of subscriber, then they can be  it’s enough to announce your event to this list.

Making your existing customers feel that they’re the first to everything creates exclusivity and in return converts to a sale.

To create that VIP feeling, encourage your customers with gift vouchers and loyalty cards. This way, they’ll be returning to your business frequently and will establish your brand as a friendly expert to them.

6. Brand image is everything

Make sure that there is consistency to your brand. From loyalty cards to menus down to table cards and packaging labels, each item represents your business and should be carefully considered to ensure the right message is presented in the  best graphical manner

If you create a beautiful brand image, you appear professional and this is a positive opportunity to focus to your target market. This positions your brand as a forefront runner against your competitors who do not invest in their branding.

7. Thank your customers

Have you ever been into a shop before and bought a lot only to learn there is no reward? Or a business event where you met the owners but did not hear a thank you after you’ve purchased from them?

That’s the feeling we want you to avoid.

Creating a warm, embracing feeling makes your customers excited and happy. By doing so, you are fostering that your brand is approachable and trustworthy. Know how to say thank you to your customers by sending them personalised thank you cards like ours.

Now that you’ve seen all the 7 important tips on promoting your event, don’t forget to trust Kaizen Print on reliable and quick printing. Our bespoke and personalised service caters to any business field.