How to Stay Motivated As a Freelance Designer

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The rise in the number of people taking the plunge into self-employment, along with the rapid growth of freelance workers has recently made a prominent mark on the UK labour market. And, whilst motivation is an important aspect of the success of any job, it is crucial for freelancers.

Without rigid routine and a boss to tell you what to do – how are you going to keep that motivation high? We understand that it can be a struggle, but the benefits of being a freelancer far outweigh the cons.

With the flexibility in your timetable, how will you create that much needed self-discipline?

We’ve gathered our top tips that we think you should be aware of for self-motivating!

Graphic Design Belfast

Think about the why

If you have decided to take the leap into self-employment, there is a reason why. Perhaps you were tired of putting in effort to only grow your bosses’ bank account without receiving much more than your standard monthly pay. Maybe you need flexibility? Or just want a better work-life balance. This should be your motivation. On the days when you feel tired or stressed, think about why you wanted this in the first place. A subtle reminder that you’re doing something to make you happier in the long run will give you the daily self-control you need to succeed.

Be reasonable

Creating a daily to-do list can be an easy way to keep you in line. You know what you need to get done, which can only be a good thing…right?

However, if you’re filling that to-do list with too much, the chances are the opposite will happen. You will become unmotivated and perhaps a little overwhelmed. So being reasonable with your expectations is essential. Think logically about your top priorities for the day, and we’re sure you’ll get them checked off in no time.

Tick those things off – the satisfaction from achieving your daily tasks is a great push that you’ll need.

Routine is your friend

Okay, so you’ve left the 9-5, but you still need to have some structure in your day. You can’t be waking up at 11.30am every morning, and wondering why you aren’t getting much work done.

If you don’t meet your deadlines, then there’s only one person at fault – you. So create some structure. Set that alarm, or find out what time of the day you’re in your creative flow and utilise it.

Get changed and sit at your desk like you would at a normal day in the office so it feels like you are at work; because you are. Having a daily structure will help to keep you on track.

But of course, sometimes you may be able to have a little flexibility with your morning alarm or take a longer lunch if you like!

Keeping inspired

Are you a freelancer who is sat in their bedroom or office alone most days? If you are, it can be hard to feel inspired daily. The fact of the matter is, if you feel isolated your motivation can decrease.

Without having people to bounce ideas off you could find it harder to work from home. So how can you be a freelancer and feel inspired?

  • Research local co-working spaces – even if you only go twice a week, you get to meet some new people who likely have similar interests and beliefs as you.
  • Attend networking events – again a great way to meet new people. You could even pick up some freelance work along the way by meeting people in industries you may never had talked with before.
  • Make it a priority to go outside and explore. Go to a museum or art gallery. Sit in a local café, or restaurant.

Don’t forget to use your self-employment to its advantages, and have fun with it! If you lack in motivation from time-to-time, use one of our tips to give you the push you need.

At Kaizen Print, we understand the benefits freelancing can bring to a graphic designer. As a creative, sometimes it just doesn’t work to have the restrictions governed by your employer, which is why so many designers take the amazing leap to into self-employment.

With our wealth of knowledge and experience, one of our friendly team will be more than happy to lend a helping hand. So, if you’d like some guidance on any of your current or future graphic design projects, please contact us.

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