2018 is the perfect time to buy a roller banner

At kaizenprint.co.uk we’re delighted to work with such a diverse array of businesses. The enterprises span almost every conceivable business sector from healthcare to finance, retail through to law, and everything in between. This diversity in work affords all members of the kaizenprint.co.uk team with a huge periphery knowledge of many industries across the island of Ireland and the rest of the UK.

Make things happen in 2018

We appreciate that a roller banner purchase is just one small effort in a much larger and more comprehensive marketing/business plan. It would be completely foolish, nay ignorant to think it’s contribution is more than it is. However we know that with careful and considered planning, a roller banner and other marketing efforts can reap fantastic rewards for your business all across 2018 and beyond. We know this because as a company it’s worked for us and many of the thousands of clients we work with on an annual basis.

It’s our goal as a business to help as many clients grow and retain custom throughout 2018. Since opening our business in 2009, it’s been a focus of understanding the needs and requirements of our customers, so that we can better serve them with every order. We ask for feedback on how a campaign fared with the view to offering advice on what worked and what didn’t work for a project. This is true to the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement we hold to our core of business. If we can then help our customers, make small, steady steps for the better with each new project they undertake, then they success reflects our own and vice versa.

In 2018 and beyond, if you ever want to sit and discuss a project with our team, we would be only too happy to do so and all you have to do is ask. One of our experienced customer service team will make themselves available to chat through the requirements of your project, so we can better understand it, with a view to making a positive impact.

kaizenprint.co.uk half price roller banner offer

Last year we ran a hugely successful roller banner campaign. It took a huge effort ordering thousands of roller banners month in advance to ensure they were ready to be shipped in time for the campaign. But they arrived on time and we ran a very successful half price roller banner campaign.

Unlike some other online printers, our half price offer is exactly that. The very same, premium roller banners we sell at £90+vat, on offer for £45+vat. There are no shortcuts, no scrimping on materials or using lower value roller banner mechanisms. We simply buy in super huge volumes to get a huge discount we pass on to you.

Look out for half price roller banner offer coming right in time for conference season. Very early in 2018. It’ll knock yer socks off. If however you can’t wait for the cheap roller banners, we can assure you, super fast turnaround times on our premium roller banners, right now and available for purchase on kaizenprint.co.uk.

Simply place your order online, upload your artwork and we’ll have your roller banner printed and delivered in record time.