Sell more Gift Vouchers this Christmas- 5 tips for salons

Gift Vouchers are big business and as Christmas approaches now is a great time to get yours ready for the holiday rush and enjoy seeing your sales sky rocket!

So lets get straight to it, with a look a look at how’s and why’s of selling more Gift Vouchers this Christmas- Our 5 top tips for salons!

Reason why number 1: Two words: Upfront payment

By offering Gift Vouchers you have the opportunity to massively boost your income on the spot with no extra hours of work upfront.

Not only do gift voucher sales provide that instant cash flow boost, customers on average spend more when they redeem their voucher and you secure bookings well into the following year.
Happy cash flow = happy business owner.

Reason why number 2: Christmas Gift Vouchers introduce new clients and grow brand awareness without you lifting a finger

When your customer purchases a gift voucher for their friend or relative you ring in an additional sale and that’s great. But it’s important to remember that by purchasing your beautifully branded Gift Voucher, your customer is also personally endorsing your brand. As good as any recommendation or great review, that personal endorsement is a top way to gain new clients and grow your business long term.


Make your Christmas Gift Voucher Gift Worthy


We all like to feel spoiled at Christmas so make sure your voucher looks gift worthy and not like a last minute convenience purchase.

Your Gift Voucher should reflect your brand and can be fully customised with your logo and styling at very little cost.

Think about how you want the recipient to feel when they receive your Gift Voucher and reflect this in the design. Go elegant or contemporary depending on your style of business or add a little luxury with foil embellishment and matching metallic envelopes or card carriers.

For high value gift cards you could even consider using bespoke boxes, branded with custom print stickers or finished with a beautiful ribbon.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and your clients will appreciate the extra touch knowing this gift will be extra special to open on Christmas Day.

Get the word out –timing is everything

This is an obvious one, but it’s crucial that you make sure to let your customers know that you offer gift vouchers and get on it early!

Leading salons start promoting their Christmas Gift Vouchers well in in advance of Christmas and usually begin promotion at least twice a month starting in October.

These are our top tips for promoting your Gift Vouchers in the run-up to Christmas.

Display your Christmas Gift Vouchers  They won’t sell hidden away under the reception desk so make them visible for all to see and display them in your salon alongside your festive gift sets and hair and beauty hampers.

Promote your Gift Vouchers on social media Take a beautiful photo of your gift voucher alongside some festive decorations and a glass of bubbly and share this with your social followers. This is a great way to boost engagement and get people associating your brand with Christmas gifting.

Promote your Gift Vouchers on your website  Create a specific page for gift vouchers. Include how and where to buy the vouchers and any terms and conditions.

•  Send a Last Call Reminder  Lots of Christmas gift vouchers are purchased at the very last moment. Take advantage of this by sending an exclusive Christmas gift voucher email reminder or social media reminders in the final days before you close for the holidays.

Target your biggest customers

Recent research shows that Gen X customers are the biggest buyers of Gift Vouchers at Christmas time, so think about what kind of gifts might appeal to your 35-54 year old customers and use wording and styling to speak directly to your targeted customer. Words like ‘A treat they will love’ ‘The gift of pampering’ or something similar.

Gift vouchers also make a great choice when you’re not quite sure what to get someone. This can be reflected in your marketing message i.e. “Don’t know what to get her this Christmas? How about a day of pampering at our luxurious salon”.

Consider running a flash sale 

A one-day only exclusive sale on Christmas Gift Vouchers is a great way to get customers booking and give sales an early pre-Christmas boost.

Customers love an exclusive offer such as a Black Friday sales event and it’s a great way to create a little buzz and place you firmly in clients minds as Christmas draws closer.

Run a Christmas giveaway

Put together a beautiful festive gift basket showcasing a few of your top hair and beauty products together with a gift card for an exclusive treatment and promote the giveaway on your social media.

Offering a Christmas giveaway is a great way to get into the holiday spirit and say thanks to your loyal customers for supporting you through the year. Plus you benefit from some great social media engagement, and brand awareness around the holidays that will promote customer loyalty and gift voucher sales.

We hope these top tips for how to sell more Gift Vouchers this Christmas have helped get your ideas flowing!

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