Card Holders & Gift Vouchers

What are gift card holders?

Gift cards holders are a great product we sell regularly across the country. In short the gift card holder is the printed media to which a gift card is attached.While often overlooked, they are the the perfect way to present your gift cards to your customers. The gift card presents a sense of occasion and this is perfect when the cards are being presented to other parties.

Gift card holders usually work in one of two ways. The first option is to have a printed cover with a forme punch allowing the holder to “hold” the card in place. Alternatively a medium tack glue dot can be placed onto the holder and then the plastic card can be affixed neatly to the front. There is no right method as this wholly depends on your business. However it seems from our experience, that restaurants and those dealing with higher value amounts usually go down the forme cutting route, whereas those of a lower value tend to stick with the glue dot option.

Who uses gift cards?

Almost every business can use gift cards. However the primary market for them is the business to consumer markets. Retail, hospitality, beauty & health are primary markets for gift cards and these sectors would make up 99% of our gift card holder customers.

How quickly can they be printed? And at what quantities?

Due to the nature of gift card holders, they can be as simple as an A6 leaflet printed onto card, or they can be as intricate as a die cut card folded over to make a beautiful holder. With this in mind, lead time and cost depends on your requirements. They can take as little as 24hrs or up to 10 working days. But usually in the lower end of that time frame. All our gift card holders and vouchers can be printed in super low minimum quantities of as little as 50 and up. However to get the best value for money on your printing, we recommend larger quantities in the 1000+ range. This is however totally up to you and we’ll present all options to allow you to make your own decisions.

Do I need the plastic cards?

The plastic cards are really only an option if you have the ability to code and scan them in your business. For most however, our printed gift vouchers are a much better and more cost effective option. As your business grows you may install an epos system and this may afford you the ability to code the cards. However if your business already has this ability our gift card holders are the perfect way to present the card.


Alternatives to Gift Cards: Gift Vouchers

Gift card holders are wonderful product. They really add a sense of occasion to the presentation of a gift card. However, we realise the are not for everyone. In their place we offer the alternative of a beautiful yet so simple printed Gift Voucher. Each and every month we print thousands of gift vouchers for businesses in all market sectors. These businesses know the value of presenting their gift vouchers in the best light possible. With quality design, matched with quality print we can help elevate your gift vouchers to be a product you are happy to sell.

To order gift card holders or indeed gift vouchers for your business or organisation please get in touch with our customer service team whose details are available on our contact page.