Marketing a new business

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We work with new businesses daily and one thing remains constant across all business sectors. You have to work hard on your marketing to succeed. One of our most recent customers, Belle Dress Hire, has become an overnight success, meeting the needs of local women who want high quality formal dresses without the need of purchasing one at an extravagant cost.

We met up with Belle Dress Hires owner Leeanne to find out some of her marketing tips. 

1. When you have an idea, start marketing 

The biggest factor in Belle’s success, was that we started our marketing months before the business was launched fully. From telling family and friends, to the creation of our website, once I knew the business was to launch, I started marketing it. 

2. Website / Facebook 

I used Kaizen to set up my website. Their designer Rachel came up with our online identity and this can be viewed at this link. Undoubtedly this has been the single most important factor in marketing my business. Traditionally dress hire businesses have been a little lack lustre in the website department and this has set Belle apart from them. Facebook is a great tool for any new business. It’s just like word of mouth referrals, but on a greater scale. Whenever I chat with a customer, I always ask them to mention us on Facebook or share a photo of them in their Belle Dress. 

3. Print flyers 

We get 5,000 flyers printed, again with Kaizen Print. We distributed these across Belfast to gain awareness and provide contact opportunities. They worked really well, with many people commenting on the quality of them and design. If you are running a high end business, the last thing you want to use, is cheap looking flyers. Good luck with your venture

At Kaizen Print we have successfully helped businesses launch and grow through design and print. We’d love to help your business also and so if you want to start a project with our team, please get in touch via the contact form.