9 months after starting up Kaizen Print, I decided I needed a little rest and relaxation. I have honestly worked harder in the past year, than ever before in my life! But that of course has its rewards. And that was a a week long break to Lanzarote. True to form, I was scouting out business card designs and negotiating flyer printing with local club owners. It has to be done, doesn’t it?

Rest and what now….?

Well the answer quite frankly is No, it doesn’t! With no laptop and very limited internet access, this left me to the worst possible thing; my thoughts. Weird and wonderful ideas sprung up from many margaritas on the beach and most importantly I came back rested and with a renewed sense of energy. That plus 546 emails to respond to. At time of writing this, I am down to 49, and this is not including the emails the rest of the team looked after. When I get these emails replied to, the following projects are top priority for the Kaizen Print Team.

Canvas Printing in Belfast

Canvas printing is a service we have provided from Day 1, however, as a new customer recently pointed out – because our services are so varied and wide ranging, we need to talk about them more often. It’s a tough scenario trying to all markets with different offerings at all times, but this is all part of our marketing mix and should be the main focus of my down time from selling. Creating amazing campaigns that will entice and educate potential customers looking for that specific type of printing in belfast.

Flyer printing
Flyer Printing for Aware Defeat Depression

After a week in the sun, secretly, I’m glad to be back in the office and I know the rest of the team share my sentiments……Well maybe not. During my time away, I’d focused on ready more and more business books that I’ve not had a chance to in recent months. These books always breed ideas and ideas should turn into actions. 

Looking forward to bringing you these actions and helping to grow your own businesses with ours.

For those of you you don’t know us just yet? Kaizen Print and kaizenprint.co.uk are online printing companies selling all manner of litho, large format and digital printing. We work with businesses all across Belfast and further afield with high quality, affordable print