Do Business cards work?

Business cards date back to the 17th century and were a necessity to help customers find businesses and what they did, they even included a map so people could find the place of business. Here today at Kaizen we still understand the impact a business card can have on your business.  Even though we live in a more increasingly digitally oriented world business cards are still a vital advertising technique to increase your market and create a great and lasting impression.

You never know when your going to get your next big break and meet a client, it may be standing in line at a shop or speaking to a stranger with great contacts. Having a business card and handing it out is a lot more professional than scrawling down your name and phone number on a scrap piece of paper; they leave a lasting impression of your business, express your professionalism and the tone of your business. When someone asks ‘what do you do?’ why cumbersomely explain to them when with the flick of the wrist you can show them.

Business cards are a great promotional tool when executed well, something we pride ourselves on here at kaizen, it’s important to be BOLD with your design, a colorful business card is held onto 10 times longer than a plain white one, so be bold with them experiment with colours and find ones which express the feel of your business. How your business name, description and your details looks on card are also important, catchy phrases make an impression and stick in people’s heads. After all 72% of people judge others on their quality of the business card.

One reason business cards are so effective is because they are very cost effective, it is quite a small investment that can have a large return on your business, especially when bought in large amounts, for example here at kaizen for 100 standard business cards can cost £24 whereas its only £40 for 500. These cards can be handed out in mass and reach a large number of people or else you might want to keep a few in your purse or wallet ready to go whenever you need them.  It is important however to use your business cards wisely, 63% of cards are thrown out simply because the client does not need the company or individuals services, know your target audience and your card will go far.

57% of 842 people believe business cards still essential for their business and here at kaizen we can help you get it right with the multiple choices we offer from standard cards to more luxurious styles and even ones with rounded corners we offer a wide range of choices as well as including multiple finishes such as; matt, gloss, unlimited, Kraft and silk coated cards. Business cards work well when designed right, something the team here at Kaizen can help you achieve. It is also important to get your business cards out to the right people, who share interest with what your business has to offer handing out business cards frantically to anyone won’t get you anywhere quickly.

When it comes to business cards their success depends on how they look, do it right. Do it with Kaizen. Simply call us on 0290022474 or email us on [email protected] or call into our office at 56 Lisburn Road, Belfast.