Custom Business Card Design – Things You Should Know

Custom Business Card

A business card works as a first impression for your business. You may have a perfect business website, great logo and other visual assets, but having a poorly designed business card can ruin all the reputation of your business. It should look professional. To make it look professional, you must focus on its designing works.

Making your business card appealing will indirectly help your business to have a good image in its domain. Having a good business card will allow you to have the maximum benefits of it and make your business grow rapidly. So, if you are also looking to design a good custom business card for you, you should take care of various things that we are going to discuss below.

We will know the most important things which you should do while designing your business card and the things which you shouldn’t. So, let’s start with the do’s first of all.

The things you should do while designing a custom business card

1. Go for a professional design

This sounds like a very basic thing but it is highly crucial to opt for a professional design while creating your business card. It will not only help make your business card attractive but the texts and logos will also look amazing if you are using a good theme to design it. Also, make sure to give it a relative touch as per your business and its industry.

2. Focus on Readability

Most of the businesses do this thing wrong by adding lots of visuals on the card but giving it a poor readability approach. It is necessary to keep every text on your business card easy to read and understand. The business name and contacts should be written using catchy fonts. Make sure they are neither too big nor too small to read for the viewers.

3. Use a good layout

It is crucial to design and create your business card effectively in a proper layout. The standard size of a business card is 85mm x 55mm. So, do not make it bigger than this so that it can be hard for people to store. Also, do not make it too short either. Take advantage of the extra space by using it with crucial information like the website or social media page names.

4. Use a good colour scheme

It is the most important thing to do while designing a business card. You should focus on giving the most attractive look to your card. So, it is necessary to use attractive colours. You can also create good combinations while designing it. Plain colours also look attractive. So, as per your needs and desires, make sure to choose the best colours which can increase the attractiveness of your business card.

The things which you should avoid while designing your business card?

1. Don’t use fonts randomly

Fonts will determine the overall effectiveness of your business card. So, make sure to use the best fonts which look impressive but simple. You should not irritate your future clients with the poorly chose fonts for your business card. Try to give your business card an amazing look by choosing the fonts with sleek and smooth finishing.

2. Don’t use random visuals

It is one of the biggest mistakes the companies do while designing their custom business cards. It is good to use graphics on your business card but they should be chosen appropriately. Using random and lots of visual images will give your card a bad look. So, you must ensure using the visuals which are related to your business. Just try to make your card properly and use the images which look great on your card.

3. Don’t over-fill the card

It is crucial to utilize the space on your card appropriately. But, you should not cram your card at any cost. Never use lots of images, information and business details which can give your business card an ugly look. Instead of this, make sure to use your business name and some important details on it. The card should look classy and easy to understand. Do not prepare it like a piece with lots of information written on it.

4. Don’t do any grammatical mistakes

Most people do not pay their close attention to the short sentences which are written on their business cards. Make sure to use proper language without any grammatical mistakes in it. The card will reflect the professionalism of your firm. So, it will not be good if there is any wrong thing writer on your business card. Most of the designers do this mistake when writing the things on the backside of the card.

5. Don’t forget to add your business address

It is crucial to give all of your contact details on a card. But, some people do a mistake of not adding the address details on their business card. Using your address on the card will not only give it a professional touch but it can give lots of other benefits too. It will also help you to attract lots of clients towards your business.

Final Verdict

There are lots of other things which you should follow in order to make your business card more attractive. With the help of the most effective designing strategies, you should always try to make your card highly attractive. Most importantly, do not forget to use good quality material while manufacturing your card. You can go for premium paper and for additional finishing works if you want.

By doing this, you can easily impress your business partners, new clients, and productive customers. You have to do all the designing works properly in order to get the most out of it.

Also, make sure to get in touch with a good company which can help you with all these designing works. In a nutshell, you should focus on using creativity instead of random designing approaches. Your card should look like a professional business asset of your company. So, do not forget to pay your close attention to each designing work.