Christmas Printing at Kaizen Print

It will be a run up to Christmas like no other.  Although there may not be the huge christmas promotional drive from companies this year, there is still a demand for Christmas Printing. 

At Kaizen, we have done Christmas printing for many years. Dealing with all types of businesses, and printing all sorts of Christmas material. 

In this blog post, we will take you through our top Christmas printed marketing material for this year so that if you are decided to go ahead and order some Christmas marketing material, you will be fully informed of all your options. 

Christmas Cards

Our team of designers have created a brand new set of Christmas card templates for our customers, with 10 to choose from it honestly couldn’t be easier ordering your christmas cards this year. 

The ordering process for our cards is a simple three step process;

  1. Choose a design from our selection, or use your own
  2. Send us your photo or logo and greeting if applicable 
  3. Give your awesome card to clients and reap the rewards. 

With Christmas Cards starting at only £35+vat including envelopes, there’s absolutely no reason not to send a bespoke Christmas card to your clients.

Personalised Gifting 

Receiving a gift from a client or colleague is always a nice touch after a year of working together, but receiving a personalised gift is just that bit more special. 

Each year we are asked to create a bespoke type of printed product for our clients. From selfie frames to life size cutouts and from vouchers to cards. This year we decided to show you some of our top selling personalised products over the years. 

With budgets being cut across many businesses, our personalised gift options are cost effective but highly impactful.

This year we have created generic stickers for Beer / Wines / Prosecco & Chocolates to make christmas gifting to your clients, colleagues and friends that bit easier.

Our stickers are pre designed, and allow the option for personalisation to be added. However, if you would like a more bespoke design that is more suited to your brand, we will be able to create one of these no problem. Just get in touch with our team and they will be able to help with the design of this.


Calendars are the ideal gift to start the year. Whether they are for family, friends or business associates, a calendar is a sure fire way to remind them of you all year long. 

We have designed calendar templates for each option, so all you have to do is choose which option is best suited for your requirements, send over your logo and brand colours and the job is done. It’s as easy as that.

Wall Calendars & Single Sheet Calendars 

Christmas Printing

These personalised wall calendars are printed front and back on a beautiful 170gsm silk paper over 6 sheets (Jan-Dec) and are backed with a 350gsm card to ensure durability and value for money. They are wire-bound for longevity with a smart silver wire. Both the front and back of the card can be printed to ensure your company is always represented in the best manner.

We offer 3 main sizes of a wall calendar, A3, A4 and Thin (1/2 A3 portrait), all of which provide ample opportunity for branding positioning and marketing.

Our calendar printing options are ideal gifts for clients, friends and family, keeping your brand or memories in front of them, all year long.

Our most popular sizes of calendar printing really are A3 sizes printed on our amazing silk paper option. Pages are wire-bound and include a wire to allow hanging. We print all our calendars using our Xerox digital press, ensuring the highest quality prints and lead times to suit your business. Running out of time, no problem. Our calendar can be turned around in a few days.

Tent Calendars 

Tent Calendars are an amazing way to get your brand on a customers desktop. For an entire year! Each time they look at it, they are reminded of you. Our desktop tent calendars are printed at A4 size, single sided on a beautiful 280gsm silk card.

A great thing about Desktop Tent Calendars is that they are unobtrusive, taking up very little space on clients desktops. But the space they do take up is prime marketing space, and the perfect opportunity to get your marketing message right in front of your clients.

Printed on standard 280gsm silk paper, they are the perfect example of getting quality and a great price. Combined with full-colour print, they will show off your brand in the most vibrant way possible, making sure your brand and message is never missed.

Year Planners 

Christmas Printing

Year Planners are a brilliant way to present your business unobtrusively to an array of clients. Printed at A2 or A1 size and on a 140gsm uncoated paper stock, they are perfect for keeping notes on. Your clients will love them and will be reminded of your brand all year round. We can leave our wall planners flat on request, but for ease of distribution we crease and fold this product as standard.

Deskpads & Notebooks

Custom printed notepads and desk pads are the perfect solutions for getting your brand on your customer’s desk for the longer term, ensuring you get maximum exposure. Available in A6, A5, A4, A3 and A2 sizes, they can be given to customers as gifts or used by your staff to take notes, write down orders or stay organised.

We also offer industry-specific notepads, such as our A4 vehicle appraisal pads for the motor trade. Looking for a notepad that is specific for your industry? Let us know on 028 9002 2474 and our team will be happy to help.