Cheap roller banners aren’t worth the money

There’s a lot of talk online about cheap roller banners. We’re bombarded with messages from other printers and suppliers presenting the “cheapest roller banner ever”. To be honest we ignore every bit of communication that comes through in that tone. Of course you can buy cheap roller banners online! We’ll even admit they serve a purpose on occasion, but as a responsible business, we’d never offer an inferior product when our core roller banner is not just great value but a far better product.

Our roller banners are great value, but we’d never call them cheap. We use only the best materials and are loyal to the suppliers we have used over the past 8 years. They don’t compromise quality and neither do we.

Think of this another way. When cooking your favourite meal, let’s say it’s steak and chips. Sure you can have microwave chips and a cheap cut of steak. On the other end of the spectrum you can have himalayan salt aged fillet steak and triple cooked chips with truffle oil and parmesan. Or like the majority of people you can choose a great value steak from your butcher, cook it perfectly at home and pair it with homemade chips and a pepper sauce.

Our roller banners represent the sensible option. Nice but not extravagant! Serve a need and will be remembered for their quality, not their ridiculous cost.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients of our roller banners


We use a 300 Micron textured vinyl, which means almost nothing to anyone outside of the print trade. However this we can attest is a brilliant printable media. The print area has a textured matt finish and allows an absolutely stunning print finish. It’s completely waterproof and tear proof making it super durable. The back of the vinyl is a grey colour for very good reason. The grey colour stops light from shining through the graphic. This lightstop property is excellent for those roller banners placed in direct sunlight or very well lit locations.

Roller Banner Mechanism

In our opinion this is where the cheap roller banners really let themselves down and cause endless issues for users. Using a premium roller banner mechanism counteracts pretty much all issues we’ve ever heard of. Forward Lean, falling over and bowing all stem from cheap mechanisms.


In addition to fantastic media and mechanisms, the inks we use to print our roller banners are some of the best quality around. We use two eco-solvent 8-ink printers that are capable of truly exceptional printing. We quality check all our artwork for print issues before we print and then again afterwards to ensure if there are any issues they are addressed before shipping.


Our roller banners are trimmed and put together by skilled operatives. Every member of our print team undergoes rigorous training across each area of roller banner production before they work on live client projects. We’re very particular about our quality and with such our team will never knowingly despatch a roller banner with defects. Their attention to detail is ultimately why roller banners are one of our best and most prominent products.


Every roller banner we sell comes with a luxury padded carrier case. In addition to this, all banners being shipped across the UK & Ireland are also packaged in a cardboard box. This ensures they arrive safe and sound to your location.

We hope we’ve outlined clearly why cheap roller banners just aren’t worth the hassle or the money. We’d be delighted to show you why our premium product is still great value for the price. To order your roller banner click here or contact our customer service team.