Cheap Business Cards

We have many clients who specifically search for cheap business cards because they require a low cost option when printing their business stationery. We are happy to cater for this market and will always advise on the right type of card to suit your business markets and goals.

Cheap Business Cards

While our business cards are low cost, we’d never ever call them cheap as it would truly do them a disservice. Printed on a 350gsm silk or uncoated card stock, where silk is a semi-gloss satin finish and uncoated provides a more traditional muted finish to the print, our business cards are extremely high quality without being expensive. Instead of cheap, we call these our standard business cards as for most people and most businesses, they are absolutely perfect for use. We also find they are a huge hit with students all across Belfast when coming close to year end shows and exhibitions.

Based just outside Belfast City Centre, we print our standard business cards on our 2 Xerox digital printers. These state of the art digital presses allow us two main advantages:

1) We control the quality of the prints and

2) We can work to your deadlines to ensure they are met.

In recent years the quality of digital printers has become almost as good as litho and while there are certain instances where we’d always recommend litho printing, more often than not, the same high quality printing can now be achieved on digital printers. Digital printing also affords a quicker turnaround of your printing and we can print business cards as standard in 1-2 days. If you need your business cards printed in a hurry, we have been known to go the extra mile when we can and have them ready for collection even sooner, but this is all dependent on the current capacity of our machinery and jobs on hand.

To speed things up within our pre-press and print functions, we also advise you to use our business card templates when setting up your artwork. These templates for Adobe packages ensure your margins and bleeds are set up correctly and this then ensures there is no too-ing and fro-wing to get the jobs in motion. The end result should be perfectly printed business cards each and every time.

I’ve documented on this blog before that Business cards are the silent salesperson, the “always on” sales tool that never lets you down and this still reigns true. It’s always mindful to take great care when designing business cards to ensure you get the right information, presented in the right manner to ensure you capitalise on the potential opportunities they bring when networking and at meetings. Due to their low cost, business cards can be presented at almost every occasion. Personally I always keep a stack in my car, laptop case and a couple within my wallet. Not only is this to capitalise on sales opportunities, it’s terribly embarrassing to say as a printer you have no business cards. Thankfully that rarely happens.

To order your business cards, please check out our Standard 350gsm Business Card page or get in touch with us via the contact form. We’re here to help and will do our best to do so.