Charity Presentation Cheques

I recently read a linkedin article discussing the advantages and disadvantages of presentation cheques for charities and other organisations engaging in fundraising efforts. Throughout the comments discussion turned to the infamous “Cheque Photo”. How fundraising and the photo to congratulate has become so ingrained in our twitter feeds, it has possibly lost some of its merit.

Personally I agree! Gone are the days where the suited and booted cheque handover / handshake constitute a news-worthy photo. As marketers and fundraisers it’s in our interest to make sure the conclusion of our fundraising matches the level of enthusiasm we’ve had throughout the process. With that in mind, today we’re discussing some really great ways to enhance your charity presentation cheque photos.

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Use additional props

Some of the most amazing presentation cheque photos we’ve seen include the use of additional props, such as balloons, PVC Banners or custom cut foamex to different shapes. We’ve seen other photos use a group with multiple cheques. Think outside the box on how to make your presentation cheque photo more exciting and engaging. If you’re stuck for inspiration check out your twitter and linkedin feeds for other promotional shots. They don’t need to be charity cheque related, but any promo shot will give you inspiration on what looks great and what doesn’t

Engage those who are to benefit most in your photography

This was a great tip we picked up from the discussion on linkedin. Bring those who are to benefit from the fundraising into the photography. While we appreciate this may not be possible, when it is, it will add variation to the photography and may help engage the press when they are deciding what PR releases and photos to include in their publications.


Remember this is very much a good news story. You might have some trouble convincing everyone to smile and if that’s the case take some photos with people who are willing to share in the delight. A happy photo where the participants are smiling looks so much better than when one or all within would rather be somewhere else. A professional photographer will engage the participants and break the ice in shots like this. If you are the photographer, this is your job 🙂

Remember the art of storytelling

We didn’t raise the funds for the press release and photo opportunity. We did this for a reason. Now is the time to explain the “why” when it comes to presenting a presentation cheque to your chosen charity.

At we not only offer presentation cheques for photoshoots, but also a wide range of bespoke custom shaped photo props. If you have any questions regarding the type of print suitable for your presentation cheque, or you want some advice on the best use of the cheque in a photo, we’re delighted to help and share some examples of great photos we’ve found online.