Business cards – The silent sales team

When someone asks you ‘what do you do?’ responding can sometimes be quite awkward, you don’t want to drag it out into a long conversation and bore them, neither do you want to be to technical and completely lose them in a tonne of jargon that they don’t understand. This is where your little pocket pal comes in handy, just simply hand them over your business card and let it do the explaining for you. It should include your name, job title, a business address and number plus perhaps a website they can check out. Letting your work speak for itself.


The success of business cards lies in their convenience, they’re inexpensive to print and small enough to carry on your person at all times. This makes them a small but mighty asset to elevating your business, you never know when your going to get that next connection or client. With a business card on hand you’re alway prepared to blow them away. Business cards are no bigger than a credit/debit card so can be safely stored away in a wallet or purse without weighing you down so there is literally no reason you shouldn’t have one on your person at all times. Where else can you find a sales tool that’s free after the initial purchase and always ready to work regardless of the time of day?


Just like a fingerprint your business cards should be unique to you, no two should be alike, your business card should also express the mood and feel of your business. Here at kaizen we offer a lot of different options when it comes to business cards. They can be printed single or double sided, on 350gsm (grams per square metre) paper or a more luxurious and durable 400gsm and when it comes to finish they can be laminated with either a gloss or matt finish, unlamented or printed on silk, kraft or uncoated paper. With such a diverse range of styles don’t be a plain jane push the boat out and design something that really works for your business card and reflects the values of your business. If you work for a law firm your business card should have an air of professionalism about it, perhaps laminated and featuring some fancy typography and a classy colour scheme, perhaps including some luxurious blacks and silvers. However, if your a children’s entertainer something more bold and colourful would suit you best it’s important to come across as entertaining. Remember whatever your business card should show a bit of flare regardless of what area of business you work in, plain white cards with plain fonts don’t work. More than often than not they just end up being binned, if you want your business card to be minimalist that’s okay but remember it has to have at least one thing that separates it from the others, its this factor that makes people hold onto your business card.


Today business cards haven’t lost relevance business cards in fact are more useful now in the digital world than ever,  they act as an informative way to advertise your website. Rather than having to write down a web address on a piece of paper or handing your phone over so someone can check it out, it’s conveniently written down so that they can do a bit of research on their own time, not to mention it looks a lot more professional. If ordering business cards is something that interests you call us on 028 9002 2472, email us on [email protected] or pop into our offices at 56 Lisburn Road, Belfast. We look forward to hearing from you.