Business Cards: Extend Your Personal Brand

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Using business cards can be traced back for years. It was an effective and elegant way for people to present themselves, be remembered or introduced. It’s still effective today. 

The best part about using business cards today is the range and freedom you have to get creative with them. They are an excellent way to make a first impression and introduce yourself and your company.

Here are just a few easy ways to make your business cards work for you.

Custom Made

This is an excellent opportunity to make your business card en extension of your whole marketing strategy. Your logo should be on the card, so people begin to recognise it. 

If you have company colours, use them. It makes the card unique, it makes it stand out and people remember it.

Use pictures, if you can. If you sell real estate or are a keynote speaker, it’s a great idea to put your picture on the card. Use the same picture you have on the other signage or posters you use, for consistency and to make it easy to be recognised.

Get Unique Designs

If you are a dentist or run a veterinary clinic, you have a great opportunity to get very unique cards made. Cards in the shape of a bone or a tooth, maybe a hammer if you are a handyman.

Cards with a unique design, your picture or a cool graphics and cards that look like you put in some care will be retained longer. A plain card doesn’t interest your client as much as something that was made with care.

Why Use Business Cards?

They are the perfect portable business marketing tool. You can carry them with you and hand them out, even on a chance. They are small, lightweight and compact, so you can carry them and they are not a burden for someone to take from you.

They Make a Great Impression

They are still very cost-effective when it comes to advertising for your company. Plus, they get shared and passed on to other people. You may never know how far your reach is with your cards. 

They allow you to always be prepared, even when you are doing other things. You never know when someone might be looking for your unique service.

Keep the Card Simple 

Make it easy to read and not too busy. When people have to waste time trying to find a contact number, chances are they simply won’t.

You First

Contact numbers, your logo and your unique brand or graphic are all you need to be remembered. Don’t over-complicate things by cramming too much information on the card.

Use Quality Paper

 A well-made card doesn’t cost much more than a cheap one, but what it says is worth it. A flimsy card seems cheap and that’s the impression you don’t want to make.

A good quality paper, nice lettering, raised letters and nice colours all pay for themselves in the end.

Get Creative 

Often, depending on what business you are in, your clients get handed cards all the time. Make yours stand out and get remembered. It doesn’t take much to do this as your company is already unique. 

You also have two sides to the card, so don’t be afraid to use them.

Get a Nice Finish

A gloss finish on your card gives it a special touch and shows you made an effort. 

Our expert staff are available to share their experiences and help you find the cards that will showcase your company. Please contact us for a quote or to place an order.