Bespoke Print Marketing & Its Advantages

Bespoke Social Distancing Material

Bespoke print marketing has a number of advantages that every marketer should be aware of. Depending on the objectives of your upcoming marketing campaigns, print marketing should always be a consideration. 

Print marketing is a fantastic and flexible marketing option and offers distinct advantages that online marketing cannot. In extension to this, bespoke print marketing also has a number of advantages too; 

It grabs attention 

News feeds and search engines can be a blur of advertisements. Print marketing can cut through the noise simply by not being a part of it. Aside from this, the opportunities available with print marketing, mean that it is possible to create some really attention grabbing and exciting ads. 

It engages recipients

Advertising isn’t just about who can grab the most attention. It’s also about what you do once you have that attention. Print marketing is great because it can hold an audience for longer. Unlike online ads, where attention spans are short and patience is even shorter, print marketing feels a more natural space to read on and spend a little more time.

It’s cost effective

While many marketers often consider print marketing to be a more expensive option, it is actually a highly cost-effective one if used in the right way. While it is possible to send out social media posts and e-shots with relatively little expense, ultimately any online advertising is likely to cost money. Whether this be in the time it takes to create the posts or the consistent updating, online advertising never really comes for free. And when compared with the cost of building and running a website, or of paid online ads, print marketing will more often than not come in at a fraction of the initial cost. 

The advantages of bespoke print marketing

Bespoke print marketing has all of the advantages of print marketing and more. Part of the joy of print is that it offers a tangible connection between your customers and your brand. Your audience can either pick up and feel your ads, or they can physically see it in person on buildings or placed in shops. By opting for bespoke print ads you can take this one step further by giving your customers something that they are unlikely to have seen anywhere else. 

Stand out from the crowd

By opting for bespoke print marketing you can go the extra mile to grabbing the attention of your audience and engaging them with your message. By cutting your print marketing into a relevant shape for example you can also benefit from instant visual recognition. If you have a sportswear brand for instance, by cutting your print marketing into the shape of a football you can reduce the uptake time. Your customers will instantly understand that your message has something to do with football or sports. You’ll also increase the likelihood that they pay attention to what your ad has to say. 

Keep your prints on-brand

Another advantage of bespoke printing is helping to customise and personalise your advertising. Print advertising is great because it feels like a more personal form of marketing. By customising your prints you can personalise the experience even further. 

Examples of bespoke print marketing

Bespoke printing can be applied to a number of different print products. All of which have their own advantages and functions in your marketing strategy. Some examples of products that can be printed bespoke to your requirements include;

  • Leaflets & flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Novelty Cheques
  • Foamex boards
  • Labels and stickers
  • Calendars and planners
  • And much more!

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