Belfast Print as an Industry

Over the last few years business within Northern Ireland and in particular the Greater Belfast Area has felt serious impact due to the recession. With nearly every industry and business in someway affected across the country, many businesses have since shut down or forced to downsize.

Printing in Belfast

The Belfast Print industry is absolutely no exception to this and over the past few years, some of the strongest most well established printers in Belfast have closed their doors. On the other hand many, like ourselves have thrived this economic downturn, primarily as a result of marketing and secondly as a result of the following service provided to our new customers and old. We’re very proud to say, that our very first customer is still a Kaizen Print customer today. Printing and design agencies (such as ours), are normally overlooked and overshadowed due to the seemingly small business operations.

However, our smaller scale allows each and every member of staff to individually design and develop design and print marketing strategies not on a by-the-numbers approach, but tailored specifically for your business, because we know your business! As we tell all our customers – our job is to help you sell more and if you sell more, you’ll need more print. So it really is in our interest to make your campaign a success.

During the past 12 months, we have found more and more new start up businesses needing logo designflyer printing, receipt books and the full range of business stationery required for start ups. By providing the best advice and experiences we have learned from helping hundred of other such businesses, we are in our own little way ensuring the success and revitalisation of our own Belfast economy first and the greater UK/Ireland economy second.

Thank you to all our customers, new and old. We very much value the business you give us and will endeavour to continue our same great service as our own business scales and grows. To get in touch with our team, simply visit our contact page or call us today on 028 9002 2474