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Using QR Code Menu Discs at Your Restaurant

Marketing | Combining Print and Digital

As restaurants across the country reopen, many are grappling with a tough question: how to provide a quality experience with minimum physical contact between customers and staff. There were already a number of contactless solutions out on the market before the pandemic began. For example, contactless payments and curbside pick-up have been a part of […]

Why Do You Need To Hire Commercial Printing Services For Your Marketing Campaign?

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If you are planning for any marketing campaign for your business or brand all your efforts are incomplete without commercial printing services. Commercial printing online is required to advertise your brand products or business services through customized prints. People consider that brochures, flyers, banners, and posters are the old ways to promote any business. They […]

Social Distancing Floor Stickers- Playing a Vital Role to Prevent the Spread of COVID 19

Social Distancing Floor Stickers - Kaizen Print

Since December 2019, the world has been badly suffering from the lethal pandemic COVID 19. It has stopped everything from daily routines to business and legal operations all over the world. If someone is constantly doing its operations, they are medical staff (nurses, doctors, and medical scientists). They are putting their best to cure the […]

Social Distancing Print Products That Are Gaining Popularity in COVID Times

Social Distancing Print Material

Bad times are like occasions that teach you lessons. If you are a good learner, you would learn so many things that could definitely lead to good times. Today, everyone is fighting with bad times due to COVID and looking for new opportunities to lead a safe and healthy life. Businesses have been badly affected […]

Magnetic Signage

Magnetic Signage Printing | Kaizen Print

Whether you have been thinking about getting magnetic signage for your business, or you  have no idea what it is and the benefits it could have for your business – Then look no further.  We have written this blog post to help you understand exactly what magnetic signage is and why you should consider it […]

Disposable Menus

Disposable Menu Printing | Kaizen Print

Responsible Sourcing in the New Era of Hospitality Over the past 10 years, there has been quite rightly a downward trend in the print of disposable menus for restaurants. Many of our customers favoured our extra heavy laminate menus, as these provide better value for money over the cycle of the menus life. However, in […]

Why Feather Flags are the Perfect addition to your corporate day

Feather Flags / Kaizen Print

If you are looking to make an impact on your next corporate day then feather flags are a great option. Also known as feather banners, teardrop flags or flying banners – feather flags are a means of catching the eye of your target audience.  First off, what’s so special about feather flags? They’re effective Feather […]

Using Feather Flags at your Next Business Event

Feather Flags / Kaizen Print

Feather flags are a great addition to any business event as they are a cost-effective but powerful means of grabbing attention. Also known as feather banners, teardrop flags or flying banners, feather flags tick a number of boxes. Feather flags are the ideal addition to your business event because they are; Feather Flags are Cost-effective […]

Corporate Brochures – Are they Still Relevant?

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For businesses working the trade rather than directly to the consumer, there are a few differences in approach. Businesses advertising their services to other businesses tend to assume a certain level of understanding in regards to the area in which they are working.  For instance, a supplier of chefs equipment might go into more detail […]

Compliment Slips & The Benefits of Using Them

compliment slip printing - Belfast - kaizen print

There are a number of reasons why you might want to invest in compliment slips. In business, we are consistently communicating with clients and customers. Compliments slips offer a personal touch to your service and provide a practical solution for any informal communication. They are particularly useful for example in situations where you wish to […]

Personalising Your Business with Labels and Stickers

Sticker printing Belfast. Kaizen Print

Stickers are a fantastically simple yet effective means of advertising and branding. Stickers have a number of different benefits and a number of different applications. They can be used… Outside to capture the attention of passers-by Indoors to increase brand awareness and engagement within your premises Or on your product packaging to personalise your service […]

How to Upgrade Your Business Cards

Business card printing, kaizen print

No matter how many new ways there are to connect there is something about humble business cards that just works. A business card tells your fellow industry professionals, clients or customers that you’re always ready and always professional. In addition, a really nice looking business card oozes class. Rightly or wrongly, first impressions can make […]

Business Card Print: An Essential Tool for Marketing and Promotion

business card printing, Belfast, kaizen print

A business card is like a compact and handy marketing asset for your business. When you are active in any industry, your business card must be good enough to attract people. But, along with the attraction, it must be good enough to highlight your core values and objectives. You can print personalised business cards online […]

Getting Exhibition Ready with Roller Banners

roller banner offer - kaizen print

Roller banners are a staple of any exhibition – and with good reason. Tall, yet compact and easy to move around, roller banners are both practical and durable whilst also being highly effective. So how do you make sure that your roller banners are exhibition ready?  Use attention-grabbing imagery Roller banners are a highly visual […]

How Can PVC Banners Help Your Business?

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When it comes to the advertising of your business, PVC banners might not appear to seem the most efficient method nowadays, with so many companies advertising online.  However, don’t be fooled! PVC Banners or Vinyl banners are a fantastic way to get your brand out there and are actually more effective than you think.  PVC banners offer your business daily exposure, and if placed in the right […]

Using Booklet Printing for your Marketing Strategy

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If you’re not using booklet printing for your marketing then you’re missing out. Booklets are an often underrated marketing option. Booklet printing has a number of great advantages for marketers that include the opportunity to; Give customers a tangible connection with your brand Present beautiful imagery and photographs Generate greater brand recall  Build a more […]