25 tips for designing, buying & using roller banners

At kaizenprint.co.uk we’re veritable experts in roller banners. It’s true! From design, to printing, finishing and ultimately using roller banners for marketing and sales reasons, we’re not only the producers of premiums products but also the typical customer too. With this all in mind, we thought we’d lighten the mood of the more in-depth and heavy blog posts with our quick tips for designing, buying and using roller banners.

Designing Roller Banners

  1. The most common size of roller banner is 850mm x 2000mm
  2. Use CMYK Images, not RGBMake sure your images are high resolution 300dpi
  3. Bleed is not generally required on the top, left and right hand sides
  4. 100mm bleed is required at the bottom of roller banners
  5. Do not use copyrighted images
  6. Check your contact details. TWICE!
  7. Keep you message short and clear
  8. Choose fonts and font sizes that are easy to read from a distance
  9. The primary logo usually goes at the top. Secondary logos below this or towards the bottom of the design

Buying Roller Banners – Online & Offline

  1. Cheaper is not necessarily the best value
  2. Check lead times for production and delivery
  3. The printed area must be on a lightstop material to ensure light does not shine through the back of the graphic and bleach out the design
  4. A matt print will result in a better finish for those banners in direct sunlight regularly
  5. We recommend premium roller banners
  6. Always check the companies online reviews. Especially to see the quality of the roller banners they provide and the after service care they offer.
  7. If you are exhibiting a roller banner in an area with passing traffic from both sides, it’s usually cheaper to buy a double sided roller banner than two individual roller banners.
  8. Check if your roller banner can have its graphic replaced. This will save you 20-30% on your next print order.

Using Roller Banners

  1. If your banner leans forward when up, there’s something wrong
  2. If your banner falls over, open the feet. It shouldn’t fall over in normal circumstances
  3. A padded carrier case is a must for protecting your banner.
  4. Do not use your roller banner in windy conditions. It is suitable for indoor use only
  5. When putting your roller banner down, ensure you hold the graphic firmly to ensure it doesn’t snap back into the mechanism.
  6. If you are too small to reach the top of the banner to put it up. Tilt it backwards to a height more suitable for safe install.
  7. When returning the mechanism to the padded carrier case, the lip of the roller banner should be inserted to the split corner. There is additional space on one corner of the padded carrier case to allow for the protruding graphic.

At kaizenprint.co.uk we design and print 1000’s of roller banners each and every year. Printing these banners for pretty much every industry you can image, we are in the perfect position to find out, understand and bring to you the absolute top tips when buying a roller banner.

If you want to add any of your own tips to the list, then we’d be delighted to hear from you at any time. And if you want to order your roller banner from us, we’d love to help you with your printing. Simply place your order online at kaizenprint.co.uk and upload your artwork. We’ll get everything in motion and get your roller banner shipped as quickly as possible. Our roller banners are available to buy online here.