Print Ready Artwork

Artwork Guidelines | Print Ready Artwork

We realise that in some instances, our customers have their own internal design teams and don't require our totally awesome graphics design skills. You know what, thats absolutely fine! We make it easy for you to use your own artwork too.

Important - Our online prices are for "print ready" supplied artwork only. If you require our design team to create your design or make changes to artwork, there may be an additional charge. We'll always let you know if there is a cost in advance!

File Type - As a very general rule, we only accept "print ready" pdf's or jogs.

Resolution - To ensure your artwork doesn't print with unsightly pixelation, the resolution of your artwork must be a minimum 300dpi.

Note: While we wish this wasn't the case, images from "taken from the internet" probably won't be suitable for use in print. They will also probably be subject to some form of copyright. Let's just say, the answer is probably going to be NO, to any question in this area. Sorry.

Colours - We print using CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black) colours. Unless agreed in writing, all rgb or spot colours will be converted to cmyk format. This may result in in variation of colours.

Note: We use state of the art printing processing systems to ensure your colours are printed as accurately as possible. We do not recommend that you use your computer screen or home printer to proof a colour or design.

Fonts - There are some fonts we wish we could afford, but unfortunately some are beyond our means. Please ensure you embed or outline all fonts included in your designs.

Bleed - If you don't know what bleed is, you probably need our design services! Otherwise if you want to read up on this, you can visit our dedicated Bleed guidance page.

Templates - Please refer to our template page.