Fabulous Flyers

Flyers or Leaflets are amazing. No really, we love them and sell more flyers than any other product… for good reason. They are the essential marketing tool, allowing our customers to get their message to a massive audience at a super low price. 

We like to think that we know a thing or two about marketing with flyers and so have put together our buying guide to help you create the best flyer campaign possible. 

You've heard of the 5Ws right? 
Who, what, when where & why - these are the basic principles of marketing. Do you know who your potential customer is? What type of customer are they - business, consumer, retail? When / Where are you targeting them - at home, at work, during leisure time? Why are you marketing to them? Answering these questions alone will help you greatly in targeting your potential market. 

[b]Tell us why? 
[/b]We don't presume to know your business - yet! So tell us your motives for using flyers. Is it to get more business? Maybe you want to retain current customers or increase the profitability of certain products. You could possibly be announcing a change of location……we all dream of that office in the Bahamas too! 
If the success of this flyer was measured in one specific goal, what would it be? 

Make it Special! 
You know the difference between a good and a bad leaflet right? Below are two examples of leaflets we have seen in the last few months. Don't worry, we have permission to show them both. Which one are you more likely to act upon? 

On the bad example (we presume you know which one that is), there is little more than basic contact details and a few of the services the company provides. On the other example, this company make best use of both sides, has a clearly targeted offer and has included a timed incentive. Which do you prefer? 


[b]I Want it, What Now? 
[/b]That's it, you've got them hooked. How does the customer find our more, or purchase this offer or service? Really spell this out for them. "Ring us on 0208 XXXX XXX for more information." Call into our showroom for a test-drive." These examples give definitive next step for the customer. 

How Do I Get the Message Out? 
You will laugh at this, but we have had customers who didn't want to give out their flyers because they cost too much. Thankfully when they became our customer this issue was resolved. There is any number of distribution options available: There are discounted mail companies who provide highly targeted distribution to your customer database. This is probably the more expensive option (bar driving around the country yourself). 

Designed by Designers 
We're not electricians, and for the most part we'll never touch anything electrical. Though we have been know to struggle with lightbulbs for the most part. Kaizen Print Ltd started life as a design and marketing agency and that is where our strength lies. Design is so critical in your flyer campaign, it can mean the difference between success and complete failure. Failure costs you money, success makes you money. 

Next Steps? 
If you've decided that a flyer campaign is right for you, the first thing to do is to speak to us. We'll ask you pretty much everything above and grasp a great understanding of your needs and wants. After that if you're still happy, we'll get the design brief to you. The more information you present to us, the better we're armed to create you flyer.