The Gallery 

What an absolute triumph culture night Belfast was. From 4pm right through until 8pm we had a queue which felt a mile long filled with adults and kids looking to create their own piece of art. For our first ever participation at Culture Night Belfast, we couldn't have asked for a better response. 

We wish to thank the team at culture night Belfast, as well as the volunteers and of course all those who attended and made last Friday a special night for all. Looking back, over 1500 people participated in our “What a load of pollocks" event and created their own little piece of art. 

We hope to be back next year, bringing you another fantastic print and art inspired event. Thank you again for stopping by and we hope you had fun. Below, you'll see snapshot of some of those paintings we were able to take photos of, before they were snapped up by the artists. 

#teamkaizen #cnb15