Branded Leaflet Holders

These are one of my favourite products and rightly so! Our branded leaflet holders are fully printed on 1 side and utilise some ingenious engineering to create a holder for your leaflets.

They are completely branded and provide a unique marketing tool for retailers, charities and any other business who may find a great opportunity to distribute leaflets within their business and outside in partner retailers.

In the product photo to the right you can see that the NI based charity Praxis Care has used our branded leaflet holders to promote their annual mountain challenge. They used a DL version of the leaflet holder to place flyers throughout premises across all of Ireland with the view of promoting their event to greater numbers.

A side benefit of the custom branded leaflet holders is that competitors cannot use your space or holders for their own materials. This was one of the major issues of flyer placement that this product counteracts.

Due to the nature of this product there is a minimum order quantity of 10 units.