There are cheap roller banners on the market, but we don’t sell them and while our roller banners may not be the cheapest on the market, that’s not something you need to worry about. We always provide a high quality product at a good valued price, on the other hand, cheap roll up banners are just that. Read on and let me convince you that our roller banners are amazing marketing tools, you can’t afford to be without.

1) Bigger is Better

Roller Banners command great marketing space without taking up a huge amount of room. With high quality printed graphics that can be viewed from afar or up close, your message will be presented in the highest quality. 

2) Feel the need for speed

Because our roller banners are printed and finished in-house, not only do we have full control over the quality and finishing of the banners, but also we can provide lightning fast lead times, much quicker than many of our competitors. This means we can meet almost any deadline. If you ned your roller banner in a hurry, we’re your guys.

3) Replace the graphics

Not all roller banners are created equal. Our own roller banners are designed in such a way that whenever your campaign is completed, we can repurpose the banner once for a brand new project. We remove the original graphic, recycle it and replace with a new graphic of your choosing.

4) Light and Easy to Use

Weighing in at just over 2kg, our roller banner systems have been on a diet over the summer. Lighter than many of the units available on the market, but no less sturdy, these banner systems are easy to carry and transport to events and exhibitions. Install our banners in less than 30 secs with our no fuss, no hassle poles and mechanisms.

5) Vivid Fade Resistant Prints

Cheap roller banner suppliers print their banners on a paper and then laminate this to ensure it doesn’t rip and the inks don’t fade. We on the other hand print onto a 300 Micron textured roller banner film, which stays flat, is tear resistant (you’d need a sharp blade to tear it) and because we print with an 8 colour ink system, the prints are UV and fade resistant. Perfect for medium to long term use.

Have we converted you to our roller banner yet? Or are you an already impressed customer? Drop us a message using the comment box below to tell us about your business and how you use roller banners within it.