Some of our favourite products to print are indeed Wine Lists and Cocktail Menus. Not only do we get to peruse the amazing array of drinks on offer in clubs and pubs across Belfast, but we get to know, quite knowledgeably I will add, the contents of signature cocktails in the majority of venues. This is always a benefit when out with friends. “We should go here, they do a great Mojito”. Yes I am the life and soul of the party. A little while back we printed a beautiful wine list for The Whitefort, Belfast. Printed on a 400gsm silk and matt laminated on both sides, the Cocktail lists are heavy enough to be freestanding, but also with the addition of the laminate, they are splash resistant. I wont say they're indestructible, because I know what the general public are like when out at the weekend. We’ve heard horror stories of the menus being used as fans in nightclubs by patrons, having pint after pint spilled all over them. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do except print and laminate them to give a resistance to general wear and tear. This does indeed increase their longevity. The nice cocktail menus above include a wine list, bottle prices and cocktail list, ensuring that customers who want to indulge in their favourite beverage can do so in a timely manner. Let us know what you think of these and if you need a cocktail menu printed yourself, we are indeed the experts to call. Call our Lisburn Road, Belfast office on 028 9002 2474 or email us using our Contact Form