Over the past 6 months, we’ve become finely tuned masters in the art of window graphic design, print and installation. We’ve always had the capability, but steered away due to the unknown. But that unknown disappeared when we sought the advice of an industry stalwart. Since then, we’ve installed window graphics in what feels to be half of Belfast City Centre. This new business function provides a great opportunity for our customers to be assured that the same quality design and print they are accustomed to can be implanted in their shop fronts and retail displays.  Window graphics can come in many forms, but the most popular three types would be: • Printed Vinyl Graphics • Contravision / One Way Vision Graphics • Plotted Vinyl Depending on the client all or any of the above window graphics can be used. For example, in the Slims Kitchen example below we decided to use full colour printed vinyl as the windows were originally opaque and no light was to go through. In other examples, a plotted vinyl would be a better choice. Looking at our own window graphics, it was decided that we wanted the ability to see out onto the Lisburn Road. Promise we’re not spying…. for us, the perfect media was Contravision. Until recently we’ve never had a shop front. Our newer customers won’t remember this, but Kaizen Print was originally situated on Ormeau Avenue, 2 floors up, with no external branding and absolutely zero walk in business. Since our move to the Lisburn Road, we knew we had to make our presence known and we’ve done exactly that. Graphics on the windows with our services, special offers and link to contact (most important) ensure that our marketing/branding is as effective as possible. The success of our external branding has been monitored over the past 3 months and the level of new business that has been achieved through our window graphics is staggering. Not everyone see our witty Facebook and twitter posts. Not everyone receives our mailer and they are the people we are trying to attract through our additional marketing measures. Being smack bang on the Lisburn Road doesn't hurt either I suppose! If you want to have a chat about window graphics and branding in general, I’d love you to get in touch. I’m available on 028 9002 2474 from 8am most days.