Christmas is almost upon us and this week, the Kaizen Print Belfast Team installed some fantastic window graphics for a Belfast based restaurant chain, Meat in a Bap. Working with such a busy restaurant, its hard to pick a time with the fewest patrons instore, so we agreed that 9am Saturday morning would be the best time to get the window install. There was still 20 or 30 people staring at me putting up these new window graphics…lol. I even received a little round of applause when I had finished. Oh Belfast….. We were tasked with designing and printed Christmas themed window vinyls that would be placed on the inside of the Meat in a Bap Bedford Street Window. Using a plotted vinyl that is reverse plotted, this allows us to place the vinyl on the inside and allows people on the outside of the store to read it in the correct manner. It also protect the graphics from the Belfast winter weather we have been getting recently. Though only up for approximately a month, the graphics had to provide some sort of marketing benefit for the Meat in a Bap team. Their ever popular Bring You Own option is a firm favourite with their customers, yet being a relatively new business, not everyone knows this about the store, so within our discussions we agreed this would be a great marketing idea in the run up to and after christmas within both Belfast stores. We decided upon the two catchy lines, Have yourself a Meaty Little Christmas and B Y HO HO HO and used these to generate awareness. The customers in-store yesterday seemed to like them also as many commented on the extremely awesome sticker printing before leaving. It wouldn't be a Kaizen blog post without a little bit of technical know how into how the vinyl graphics get off the roll and onto the window. As you can see in the image below, each element is outlined with a little pink line called the CutContour. This little stroke is not printed, but read by our machine and allows our printer to cut the vinyl and plotting shapes to millimetre perfection. We then have to remove the excess vinyl in a process called weeding. Every little element and excess bit of vinyl between each letter has to be removed, so as you can imagine, this may take some time. However, this results in the best vinyl graphics ever… Kaizen Print as Belfast Printer have really excelled in window graphics over the last few years, but also we have worked tirelessly to ensure our Flyer Printing and Poster Printing are the best in Belfast. If you want to have a chat to us about any design or printing projects, we would love you to get in touch on 028 9002 2474 or drop us a mail.