We classify a postcard as anything above 300gsm in weight and A6 in size (or 6x4 if you are an American customer visiting our site). Yet, as a little bit of thick paper, it can be some many more things than a little ol postcard to be sent home to granny. Here's some other uses our clients have found for them: Club Flyer Printing Many of the nightclubs in Belfast have taken a 350gsm silk A6 flyer as the standard for their club flyers. Having found that they last in the "wild' a little bit longer than cheaper flyers, an A6 postcard has become a cost effective option when order quantities in multiples of 5000. Dental / Medical Practice Appointment Cards When more than just a name, date and time is required, an A6 flyer makes a great appointment or recall card. We have a number of dentists who double this up as a post treatment care advice flyer too. Location Map Off the beaten track or just moved to a new location? With a well designed map on the back of a flyer you will ensure no loss of business, because your customers can't find you. Always remember to include local landmarks, fire stations, or schools are good examples. Gift Vouchers Ok, ok, most of our clients would your a DL postcard for their gift vouchers, but those with a stock of C6 envelopes have chosen A6 flyers over DL and the result has been equally as good! Here's a few example of our postcard printing for you nice folks to view.