It’s no secret that roller banners are a great form of marketing. At Kaizen. They are one of our best selling products after all.

In fact, they are one of the best systems for low key advertising there is.

They have a range of uses, are incredibly versatile and are used by numerous companies throughout the world. But, they are most common at events.

In fact, roller banners are the most common form of marketing at events. Not all events offer the same things, but whatever the needs, a roller banner will get your message out and grab the attention of potential customers.

Open days

Roller banners are most commonly seen at university or college open days. This gives companies the chance to advertise their business or products to thousands of students and their parents.
Whether they are advertising for a specific course or faculty, sports clubs or companies in the town that offer student discounts, you can be sure to see a range of companies and organisations at an open day with a roller banner at their stall.


Another popular event where roller banners are often seen is exhibitions. Whether it’s a new exhibition opening at a museum, a new display at an art gallery, showcasing a local artist in the village hall or advertising a demonstration, you can be sure to see roller banners at these events telling you a little about the occasion and enticing you, and other passers-by to come inside.


One of the most popular uses for roller banners in recent years has been as a promotional tool to take on the road to conventions. These are especially good way to attract new customers and get eyes on your product, considering events such as Comic-Con gets an average of 130,000 people through the doors every year. Putting your company name, logo and purpose on a roller banner in front of that many people is sure to bring in at least a few more customers to your business.


A less conventional event where a roller banner may be a simple, yet eye catching tool is when pitching your product/new service.
Having a roller banner to help highlight their brand name ensures that a company and their product look professional when pitching their new ideas to their bosses, clients and business associates.

Award ceremonies
Award ceremonies are not known for their advertising. Of course it’s a day to celebrate the achievements of those receiving awards. But, that doesn’t mean that you won’t see a roller banner or two there; displaying the name of the school or perhaps the company who printed the certificates.

So you see, roller banners aren’t just for retailers. All kinds of organisations can benefit from marketing with these brilliant tools. Schools, museums, charities and even individuals can all revel in the success of using a good looking roller banner.

Whether your company is attending Comic-con or the local farmer’s market, our team of excellent designers are on hand to bring your ideas to life.