I usually use the Christmas break to rest and relax before the onslaught of the new year begins. This year however, I had no travels planned and already, on the 31st December I’m busting to get back in to the office to start planning our 2015 marketing activities. I and the rest of our amazing team really do love bringing your ideas to life. By making these design and marketing campaigns special we are helping your business grow. That sounds pretty awesome to me. So what am I doing with my spare time this break? Well firstly, I’m listening to sales, marketing and productivity podcasts. By listening to many of the industry leaders thoughts on what works and what doesn't as well as taking in all their case study scenarios, I’m broadening my horizons on worldwide successes in all three areas above. I’ve already learned loads of new ideas from these podcasts and will be passing on some amazing ideas to you guys in the new year. Most likely passing them off as my own. Sure you know me. I’m also prepping for the two new members of our design team who are joining towards the end of January. Both senior designers have extensive experience in other leading design agencies in belfast and have crafted and designed some of the most well known campaigns you have seen across the entire Island of Ireland. It’s a pretty exciting time for Kaizen and we really are looking to take our design studio to the next level in 2015. Look out for massive things coming from our office next year. Ultimately this free time refocuses me on the things I need to do to make your business and in turn Kaizen even more successful in 2015. #design #print #online