Over the past few years, we have had the pleasure of helping consumers fall in love with brands and businesses through social media. This love affair happens at every stage of business and how we engage customers puts your brand in a prime position to build relationships that last. Through the use of social networks such as Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn, we have enabled businesses worldwide with the opportunity to engage and monetise their customers in an easy to use and manage manner. We help you build campaigns, such as contests, prize draws, quizzes all of which can build an audience that can be further marketed to or indeed if they allow, their details can populate further email marketing campaigns throughout the marketing calendar. This case study below showcases the power a small campaign can have on a brand not previously using social media to its fullest. From the social statistics below you can see that the engagement from their fans has been minimal prior to the launch of our online campaign. We began with a little teaser on the 4th April, introducing the fact that a competition would take place very shortly. Launched on the morning of the 5th April, you can see how the competition gains momentum across Facebook. As of last night, the total number of likes for this particular brand had doubled and the engagement of fans across the week previously is over 37,500. Entries to the competition itself have reached 1000 and show no sign of stopping. This is a very healthy Facebook yet simple marketing campaign. Get in touch to discuss how we can help your brand grow online.