If like me, you are addicted to the Apprentice on BBC1, no doubt you will already know that Derry-Londonderry lass Dr Leah Totten, last night won this years final and has now become the business partner of Lord Alan Sugar for their new partnership. Through the 12 week process, entrants were asked to complete a series of team based tasks surrounding different areas of business, from sales right through to brand creation and implementation. As you can imagine on the latter I was on the edge of my seat shouting (slight exaggeration) at the TV screen, pointing out their mistakes. Now I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I saw their mistakes and recognised them. Lets call this experience! Last night however, the final two were required to bring their business proposition to life and create a presentation to a room full of industry experts and of course Lord Sugar plus his team of business advisors. With any business launch, you will always hear me advocate creating the brand first and most importantly, getting it right as it shapes the direction of your business much more than you know. Two brands were created 1) N I K S Medical 2) Baker's Toolkit Starting with the Baker's Toolkit, actually this logo design was actually really great. Personality, fun and inviting and the brand itself would entice you to lift a product off the shelf. I saw the transition of the logo through the entire product range and thought as a retail product, it worked! However, as Baker's Toolkit was selling only to the trade, the company itself is a little disjointed (who are the real customers) and ultimately this is why Lord Sugar decided to pass on this opportunity. Dr Leah Tottens business idea stemmed from her research in medical based anti-ageing treatments. A very very hot topic at present. Though not without its risks, both ethical and medical. N I K S Medical actually started out as NIKS or Skin backwards, but after market research, it was pointed out that the term Nick (cut or prick) came to mind when hearing the name. Not a positive term when you are selling medical injections. And so Dr Leah made the name change after the logo design and half the promotional video was complete. Not ideal and this could have been avoided (another edge of the seat moment). On many occasions business owners are unwilling to let go of an idea they had and as a result discount any advice their team or customers give them. I myself am guilty of this too. During the business naming process there was an array of options presented to the team and all bar 1 were better than NIKS. But as it was ‘her baby’ she chose her original idea and ran with it. Thankfully it didn't get to the flyer printing or booklet printing change before it was stopped! Alas, Dr Leah triumphed though her presentation and business proposal bringing Northern Ireland into the spotlight for good reasons for a change. Oh and if you need logo design in Belfast, we’re your guys. Edit: It turns out Lord Sugar didnt like NIKS either and has since renamed the brand Dr Leah