January is traditionally a tough month for businesses across Belfast, but with all disturbances and whatnot across the city, this January has to be looked back on, as one of the worst in our recent history. From the outside in, people look on in dismay, from the inside out, we look forward and hope. But sometimes hope is not enough! Each day, we chat to dozens of clients and the one issue presented almost each and every time is that of increased the traffic to the city centre. We have the fabulous #takebackthecity campaign that has been running a few weeks and now Belfast City Council have jumped into action with their own ‘BackinBelfast’ activity. Now normally we find ourselves to be trendsetters in the oul marketing department. ‘Blue sky thinkers’ if you will, but on this very occasion, the Kaizen Print and Marketing team have resided to the fact, that we will jump on this bandwagon. Its for the good of the people, its for the good of the city....It’s good for business!! With the above firmly in mind, we throwing the kitchen sink at our February monthly offerings. Posters, flyers and general advice, we have it all. They are guaranteed to get people through your door and putting money in your tills*. *Other factors may negate this fact