Once upon a time, Wedding Stationery printing was a simple affair. You'd pick a card, tell the printer your name and the date of the wedding and a set of invites arrived on your door a few weeks later. Then with the advent of wedding shows thing got a little messy. I want diamontes on this ribbons on that and a scent of Belgian Pink rose petals (do they even exist?) The rise of the bridezilla steered us firmly away for Wedding Stationery printing, yet, for some reason, it's now a core part of our business. thats two fold really: We mostly print for wedding stationers We'll happily let a middleman or woman discuss the finer details of capitalisation of text, font and scent choices and let you scream at them in panic when you realise you forgot to invite a distant relation. Wedding Invites have become a little more refined. And thank god for that!! Long gone are the peacock feathers that adorned many an invite. In turn they have been replaced with speciality papers and super print finishes which in our opinion look a million times nicer and if truth be told, they are much cheaper too. There has also been a rise in themed wedding invites and stationery over the past 2 years. Most notably, festival themed wedding invites, which one wedding stationery designer we work with has carved this as his niche. With the economic downturn, wedding have become a more sophisticated and realistic budgetary affair. One which a wedding stationery printer like ourselves, can certainly help with. Bridezilla's you're more than welcome now….