Technology is very quickly replacing everything by providing us with all the things we need on a daily basis on one device. For example, your phone is no longer just your phone. It’s a watch, a calculator, a planner, a diary, a map and so on. It also has your calendar on it. So does this mean that the humble wall calendar is now obsolete? Far from it. Here’s five ways a wall calendar is till a useful tool.

1. It makes a good present

We’ve done a little bit of research and it turns out buying an iPhone is much more expensive than buying a wall calendar. Who would’ve thought? If you can’t quite afford to buy every one of your acquaintances the latest top of the range mobile, then a wall calendar makes a simple and good value gift. Personalise it with photos of family, of friends or even as a business gift and it can look fantastic.

2. It’s a clever guerilla marketing tool

If you’ve ever bought a calendar before, the chances are it had some kind of logo or design on it that you liked. I mean, nobody is going to look at a bland bit of white paper on their wall are they? So, by putting your businesses logo on it, you’ll be putting a constant reminder of your business and services you provide on a client or contact’s wall. You can hand them out as a promotional item or gift it to a loyal client at the end of the year. The great thing about calendars is they are going to be up there for the whole year, so there’s no limit to how many people might see it. A calendar is a clever way of ensuring your business is always in the back of a potential customer’s mind.

3. It’s useful

The problem with technology is that it can be unreliable sometimes. We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve taken something down on our phone, tablet or laptop with the intention of remembering it only to then not be able to find it. So why not write down that meeting time and/or place and make sure you remember it. Even better if you can see it at all times. And if you need to remember a date, what’s a better or easier way to do it than with a wall calendar.

4. It looks good

The great thing about wall calendars is that they can be totally personalised around you. If you have a great logo, design, or photograph that you want to see on your wall then why not make that functional by adding a calendar too?

5. Kaizen does it for great value

Whatever kind of calendar you need, personal or business, Kaizen has a great selection of sizes and quantities catered to your needs. Choose from sizes A3, A4 or a thin, half A3 portrait. With our 350gsm card printing material and wiro-bound silver coil, you can be sure they are built to last the full 12 months and with print runs running from 25 to 100 units, no one should miss out.