Select Wifi is one of those companies that throughout 2014 has just grown and grown. In my opinion for two reasons. They have a great product to sell Their knowledge and subsequent service is outstanding Working with the owners from the very outset of their business planning, we have been very fortunate to help assist the company with the design and print of all their marketing and promotional materials. This week, we completed the branding of their very cool VW Transporter supplied by the great team at Isaac Agnew Volkswagen, Mallusk. The guys at Select are to take ownership of the van on the 1st of January and as the vehicle is almost ready for the road, the team at Isaac Agnew allowed us on site to brand it in advance of collection, ensuring it was ready for collection on time. For this van, we have focussed on clear branding using the Select Wifi Logo. With such little time to view information on the van, we wanted to ensure the three second rule was implemented. The three second rule by our definition is that an onlooker has three second to read and digest information. With this said, they only get a snapshot of the business and so vehicle graphics need to present bite size chunks for people to view. In many instances this should be limited to Name, Services and finally a Link to Contact. I think we’ve captured this perfectly within this project. There’s also a little surprise too, but until I get better photos in the next week, this cant be seen. Over the course of 2014, we have created the Select Wifi Logo, printed multiple runs of flyers and looked after all the marketing elements for the business which provides WIFI access services for business locations. If you want to provide wifi access for your restaurant, venue or bar, you could be opening yourself up to a raft of legalities. Select Wifi are the perfect providers to help you decide on the best course of action and provide the technical experience to setting up a managed internet service for your business. You can find out more at