Sometimes in business you have one of those face palm moments. How did I manage that? Or, Do I really have that still? Last week, I had one such moment that was so face palm worthy, I’m still cringing. On every bit of our literature, every piece of marketing material, we have the address This is our domain and this is how people connect with us on the internet. It’s our shop front to the many people who use us and never visit 56 Lisburn Road. When I set up the domain originally I also bought to protect myself from someone else using it. This is something I recommend to every business starting up. For only £20 or thereabouts, you have complete ownership of the two most common urls in the UK. If only to put your mind at rest, its worth it. As i was looking through our online marketing assets, I noticed that since 2009 when I purchased the .com domain name, I have done absolutely nothing with it. Not even a redirect to the domain. FACEPALM. In my haste to launch the Kaizen site, I assumed the .com would be redirected to the, but assumption doesn't mean action and it wasn’t hasn't been redirected. At this point, I dont know how many people actually type in to find us, but as a little marketing test I have added google analytics to the domain to see what traffic passes through to our main site from the URL. Todays task is one I have just completed myself. The amount of unused assets you have at your disposal will be staggering. I found over 40 domains I haven’t used in years in one account. So take today as your Summer Clean and make a list of all the marketing materials you have in your office, you have within online accounts and start using them. When I first started Kaizen, my absolute first customer received a lot of marketing materials, stickers, folders and leaflets from the franchise headquarters in the USA. I asked him why they were literally filling a room in his office. The response was along the lines of “They are too expensive to hand out”……….. Once paid for, marketing materials are no longer expensive, whether its promotional pens, flyers, folders or stickers. They are costing you sales by not being in use. Take action now and make a list of all your assets…and use them.