We rescued this little letterpress from an auctioneer who was going to sell it for scrap metal. Now don't get me wrong, if I can't figure out how to use it, I'll be dropping the letters and press to the scrap yard, but for now I have myself a little toy with which to learn the art of letter pressing (when I get time). I'm really looking forward to getting some really heavy stocks, custom inks and formes to make the most bespoke array of prints imaginable. Letterpress printing, which was created in 1440, you may be one of the earliest forms of printing, but you're bang on trend right now. First order of the day will be to get some custom wedding invites on the go and then I'll be focussing on really beautiful flyer printing options for some of our more discerning customers. Its feels like christmas eve right now. Can you tell I'm excited? Though the thought of typesetting A5 flyers fills me with nerves associated like you wouldn't believe.