I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a few places throughout Ireland over the last few months for drinks and nibbles. Normally on business, why not make the most of a delivery to Carlingford by having lunch with a client in one of the local delicatessens. On my last visit, I tried the local eatery Food For Thought, which is situated at the very top of the one way system in Carlingford. Not just a cafe, this deli has a variety of world foods and bespoke edibles that rivals any of the delis here in Belfast. Its great! As I had finished lunch and was looking at some of the items, I spotted possibly the greatest invention ever. Bacon Jam!!! I love Bacon, I love Jam, could this be a match made in heaven? The reality, is probably not and the true test of any product for me, is would I buy it myself. In this instance, I couldn't think of any other use than putting on toast and I imagine that would get pretty tiresome, quickly. I didn't buy it. The item throws up some questions for me in a business capacity. Do you try and be all things to everyone, or tailor your business to a niche market? I think a little bit of both. Being general enough to attract a large market is key to the success of any business, but being specialised in specific areas, gives you a unique selling point. Something to put you ahead of the game. Looking at some of the markets our customers work in, its great to see many of them already doing this extremely well. We work with a chain of Male grooming salons, who generalise in high quality male grooming, but added the niche of selling their own range of bespoke grooming products. Conversely this may indeed turn into a bigger market overall, which would be excellent. We work with a bakery, that make a vast range of baked goods, but specialise in very very high end wedding cake. Or even using Kaizen as an example, we are a general mass market printer, but specialise in some bespoke wedding invites, high quality design or even our shaped foamex printing. It’s good to have a niche, its good to be general and if you think you have an idea for a product, remember, there’s a market for everything. You just need to find the people to sell it too. Find Customers Easily The easiest way to find customers is by word of mouth. It’s free and you can recruit your friends and family in the early stages. Even today, the majority of referrals for any business, Kaizen included is: Word of Mouth. It’s easy! When you get your first customer, ask them to recommend you to a friend, to a family member or someone else. If you’ve done a good job, they’ll have absolutely no issue in doing so. And if you have handed them a couple of flyers to hand out, they usually have no issue with that either. If you would buy your product, there’s a very good chance others will too. Test it, try it and sell it as often as you can. What’s the worst that can happen?