My mum rang me last week to talk about flyer printing for her golf club and during the conversation she played the martyr as all mums do...’Don’t worry son, I’ve got an inkjet printer, it’ll be cheaper to print the flyers myself, than to get you to do it.’ What you must take away from this, is that even Mummy McAuley pays for her flyers and that the true cost of using your home printer to print commercial type flyers is extortionate. As a little test, we decided to print all the flyers required using the home printer and cover the cost of the replacement ink cartridges. In total, the cost of the ink alone came to £180 to print 500 A5 leaflets, it took 5 hours and we had to man the home print machine and remove blockages. It was carnage! We ran out of ink and had to make a 16 mile round trip into Belfast, just to finish the order. I won’t even post a picture of the quality of the prints as they are terrible. Thankfully Mummy McAuley decided to let us reprint the flyers at and the results are absolutely fantastic. The ladies at the golf club are impressed too and that's obviously what really matters. Your home printer has some great uses. Boarding Card Printing, emails, photos and maybe even a handful of invites. Or indeed within business they can help with the printing of proofs, plans and contracts. But if you need high quality prints and upwards of 100 copies, then please do bear in mind what the total cost when all things are taken into consideration. Oh and don’t forget about how the DIY flyers look to your customers. Check out our flyer printing prices here