A super article on the pitfalls of flyer printing. We know many of you will be planning your 2013 campaigns over the break and this is something you should definitely consider Flyers are a great way of advertising what your business has to offer. They are cheap and effective, and get your message straight in to the hands of your target audience. That said, if the words you use in the flyer don’t immediately grab the reader’s attention and motivate them to buy, then it will be destined for a short trip to the nearest waste bin. In order to avoid the fate of the waste paper basket, there are some errors you should avoid at all costs. By keeping these in mind when you’re preparing for your flyer printing, you will have a much better chance of success. 1. Writing Too Much. People don’t read flyers, they glance at them. What you have to say should be absorbed in just a few seconds. Make your point and get your message over in as few words as you can. 2. Using Your Business as the Headline. The headline is your main chance to grab the reader’s attention, don’t waste it on dull detail. If you’re selling wood-burners, the headline shouldn’t be “Nic’s Wood Burners Ltd”, it should be something like “Be Warmer and Cosier Than Ever Before – At Half The Price!!” Tell the reader why the flyer in their hand is really worth their attention, give them something that triggers the thought “that’s something I really want”. They don’t care who you are, it’s what you have for them that matters. 3. Listing the features. Don’t tell people what it is or does, tell them why it will make their lives better and be glad they bought it. This is the psychology of selling. If you list the features it’s as dull and uninteresting as a technical manual. A flyer for a beauty salon that was promoting head massages could say: “Indian Head Massage – With Our Expert Staff” Or it could say: “Feel wonderfully relaxed as the fingers of our expert staff sooth away your cares and tension with an Indian Head Massage” See the difference? 4 Not Personalising the Business. A lot of advice is given about writing flyers in the first person, i.e. using the word “You”, to address the customer directly. This is because flyers are very personal, often handed directly to a person, and it makes a better connection in the reader’s mind. The same is true of the business printing the flyers, however, and this is often overlooked. The copy should be more relaxed and reflect a one to one conversation. 5. Not Including a Call To Action. People are fickle and generally don’t bother making any effort when they don’t have to. Hopefully your short and cleverly crafted copy has attracted their attention and convinced them they really want what you have to offer, but you still have to make that final, decisive statement – the call to action. Whether its “Call Now on 0800… ” or “Offer Ends Friday – Buy Now”, you must clearly state what they must do now. Experience has shown that not doing this gives people a reason to think “I like that, I’ll do it later” and the flyer goes in to a drawer or a handbag, soon to be forgotten. A call to action overcomes this tendency to procrastinate. These tips may seem simple, but they are powerful tools in increasing the effectiveness of flyers, and are well worth remembering when you thinking about your next batch of flyer printing. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7432068