On a facebook chat with some customers last night, it was queried as to why we bought a white van and are choosing to fully wrap it in an off yellow, off orange vinyl, or yellange as we call it. For some time now, Kaizen has adopted the yellange tinge for all of its branding. Letterheads, website, business cards and now of course our company vehicles. This is a premeditated attack on your senses. One you won’t get an apology for! We could have indeed bought and orange or yellow van, and just added some vehicle livery. Indeed that may have cost us a few pounds less, but, that would be us. If Coca-Cola were to abandon their trademark red for the blue that Pepsi holds in such high regard, people would notice. If you are from NI and reading this blog, think of a drain cleaning company. The chances are the only name that comes to mind is Dyno-Rod. Why? Because of their bright neon pink vans, that are inescapable. This conscious decision to forge a brand associated with a colour, helps to build and maintain awareness of your business. Before reading this blog post, you may or may not have known of our corporate colour, but I bet next time you see this exact shade of yellow/orange, you’ll be thinking of Kaizen Print.